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NEWSFEED 2/5-7/03, COLIN POWELL PRESENTS CASE AGAINST IRAQ TO UN, VARIOUS AMBASSADORS, GW BUSH, DONALD RUMSFELD, JOHN ASHCROFTINT MS Colin Powell seatedat the UN Security Council gives case for 'serious consequences' for Iraq ; CU Video still of Intercepted Aluminum Tubes, MS Weapons inspectors Hans Blix & Mohamed El Baradei, MS Powell talking head ; INT WS Pan from observing audience to the round table of the UN Security Council, MS Powell continues on to Iraq's nuclear program ; CU Infographic of Iraq w/title: Iraq's Covert Scud Variants & Developmental Missile, CU Infographic: 'Liquid Engine Test Facility' ; MS Powell continues, CU Photo of a UAV (Un-manned Aviation Vehicle), MS Powell, CU Infographic of the route an Iraqi UAV took ; MS Powell, VAR Serious-faced observers, MS Powell gets into ties between Iraq & Al Quaeda ; CU Satellite photo: Terrorist Poison & Explosives Factory in Khurmal, WS Audience, MS Powell continues on the theme of terrorism ;INT WS Pan across Security Council table & z-in to Powell, CU Infographic: Al-Zarqawi's Iraq-Linked Terrorist Network, MS Powell ; 'Ambition & hatred are enough to bring Al Quaeda & Iraq together' ; MS Pan across faces of Security Council members, MS Powell paraphrases statements from captured Al Quaeda members ; MS Powell gets into Iraq's human rights abuses, MS Iraqi Ambassador continues taking notes, MS Powell wraps up speech ; WS French & Chinese Ambassadors, MS Russian Ambassador, CU Chinese Ambassador begins his reaction speech, WS Security Council ; MS Chinese Ambassador talking head (wants more inspections & action only thru the UN Security Council) ; George Walker BUSH: INT MS G.W. Bush talks head about UN Security Council resolution 1441 & why military intervention is needed ; DEPT OF JUSTICE PRESS CONFERENCE: INT MS Spokesman/Tom Ridge talks of national security & why threat level has risen from Yellow to Orange ;..'We ask you to remain aware & remain alert'..PRESS CONFERENCE CONT: FBI spokesman takes podium & talks head about the Orange threat level & how to report suspicious activity ; PRESS CONF CONT: INT MS John Ashcroft takes the podium & answers questions about what an Orange threat means: VAR ; IRAQ ARMS INSPECTION: INT MS Donald Rumsfeld talking head, DX WS UN Inspector Jeeps drive in desert,WS Inspectors walk in desert ; IRAQ: INT WS Hans Blix walks by camera, CU talk head about Orange threat level ;