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NEWSFEED: Presidential seal; George, Barbara Bush; Gorbachev; British Prime Minister John Major; G-7 Economic Summit, London, 1991; 'Euro Aid' boxes; North, South Korean delegates meet; yacht racing; free elections in Algeria, people vote; destruction from bombing in Yugoslavia; Commonwealth of Independent States, former Soviet Union flag; NYSE floor w/ Christmas decorations; Kremlin in winter; Boris Yeltsin; B/W assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald; food lines, queues in Russia; president of Soviet Georgia; motorcyclists in desert; French athlete w/ Olympic flame; Algerian, Middle Eastern crowd in streets; prostration, crowd kneels in unison; violence in Yugoslavia; Japanese workers, auto mfg.; c/u space shuttle blastoff; Miss World beauty contestants, winner crowned; AIDS research; protestors, demonstrators in Korea, Korean riot police; violence in Croatia; George kisses Barbara Bush; car showroom int. w/ US, Japanese flags; Commerce Secretary Robert Mossbacher; Lee Iacocca; fighting in streets, teenager w/ gun; new cars at auto show, Cadillac on showroom floor; Humvee