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NEWSFEED, FEB. 15-19, 2001, VARIOUS NEWS, A LITTLE GRAINY BUT O.K. NOT SO MANY ACTUAL EVENTS, MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT STUFF; HAWAII, SUB ACCIDENT LATEST aftermath U.S. submarine which struck Japanese fishing boat off Hawaii, photo of sub's guests, rescue; AISENBERG INVESTIGATION FOLO (ELLY press conference sheriff Henderson, case detectives Burton & Blake; BURNING BODY paramedics, crime scene yellow police line, (unidentified dead woman body set on fire near church); TEEN DRINKING DEATH prom portrait black teen boy, creek teen drowned in, brief high school hallway & estb; AMW IN DAYTONA oh for Jesus' sake - Americas Most Wanted host poses next to race car, big deal; MUTILATION MURDER MAN SAWED IN HALF manhugs dog, CU dog chewing. Talk head describes gruesome disposal of murdered body; ALABAMA PRORATION COURT HEARINGS IN SCHOOL FUNDING INT courtroom, people waiting for trial to start ; DEAD WHALE SHARK IN INTRACOASTAL blurry Aerial dead shark floating in green water, P-OUT boats around shark; Fox Bull Sheet-Puff Daddy video, Anthony Hopkins wins Brass Pudding Pot - brief formal audience applauding, Paul McCartney in studio; FLEISCHER REAX/TO IRAQ STRIKES world's briefest press conference. EL SALVADOR EARTHQUAKE UPDATE crowd by roadside waving signs; White rift thru jungle canopy, men at work clearing collapsed bldg, salvaging furniture; KOSOVO/VIOLENT REAX TO BUS BOMBS crowd in street, notice posted in window, people gathered outside fenced off bldg; People run towards camera waving peace sign. Smoke rising & flames on bombed bus, soldiers in jeeps watch; INDONESIA PROTESTS NX protest, molotov cocktails, smoke screens/gas bombs, scary riot police advancing to suppress demonstration; PENTAGON BRIEFING military talk head on air strikes on Iraq. BUSH 1ST 100 DAYS ANIMATION B.F.D.; PANDA UPDATE VAR baby giant panda in U.S. zoo, panda taking a nap. NEW SHAMU WHALE NX plane taxiing, killer whale being transported; SEATTLE SNOW STORM NX snow falling - street lamp, traffic in snow, cars in parking lot, traffic; OPERATION RIVER WALK - narcs on Miami river, drug raid in boat, CU bundles of cash money, more drug bust images; CAR IN CANAL DEATH could be crime scene, sheriffs & scuba diver on bank by drowned body, police line, car pulled out of water; INTERNET AFFAIR GIRL FOLO press conference. FLORIDA BRUSH FIRES FOLO aerials wildfire/forest fire ; CHILD DIES AFTER KIDS HOT WIRE FORKLIFT NX accident aftermath - forklift on its side; CHILD SHOT TODDLER ACCIDENTALLY SHOOTS INFANT man carrying baby out of ambulance, anguished mother follows; TRAIN DERAILMENT man informing resident that area is being evacuated, freight train, CU emergency phone number on train car; MS truck carrying bulldozer goes by. Evacuated residents waiting, emergency vehicles, police car outside of house; FLORIDA BRUSH FIRES ranger directing traffic taking detour, Aerial empty freeway, fire engine, Aerial wildfire, fire engine; SWORD ATTACK NX unloading person on stretcher from ambulance, crime scene police car blue light flashing, yellow tape outside house; cont'd NX unloading ambulance. SCAFFOLD COLLAPSE workers disassemble scaffolding, NX yellow caution tape around collapsed scaffold; NX police car with lights flashing behind yellow tape. DALE EARNARDT DEATH NASCAR DRIVE #3 don't bother, all you see is ROCKER baseball player signing autographs
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