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NEWSFEED: LETHAL INJECTION CHAMBER, AVALANCHE AFTERMATH, BURNING AMERICAN FLAG, TABLOIDS ANNOUNCING CLINTON SOAP OPERA; CANADA: NX crew shovels snow after avalanche. Damaged house, boot in snow. Bulldozer pushes pickup truck out of way; NX small plane taxis in. Injured person removed from plane, placed in ambulance. Injured wheeled into hospital on stretcher; DX AERIAL over snowy landscape. Kids walk to school in snow. Press conference. USA: DX Man pushing snow blower. Overturned car; DX truck brushing snow off road. Car skids on snowy road. Meterologist talkhead. Cold Chicago, est. Woman shoveling driveway; DX Snow-covered freeway. St.Louis Arch in snow. NX snow-covered streets w/bulldozers clearing snow. WESTBANK: INT Yassir Arafat ; INT Arafat in board meeting w/bald old guys. DX guys marching & holding posters of Arafat. Guys in ski masks fire rifles into air; DX Protesters march down streets. American & Israeli flags burned simultaneously. INT auditorium, large crowd listens to speaker; DX Israeli policeman manhandles man, police arrest people, one dances around like Roberto Benigni in 'Life is Beautiful'; DX VAR INT European department store, CU receipt prints out of machine (European writing), generic Europena street scene ;INT VAR European Art Gallery, INT European store (looks like Target), POV groceries roll down checkout lane; ECU sheet of French stamps, Fidel Castro speaks at night, T-UP slow pan into balcony, pan of listening audience; DX VAR Indian bldgs in fog, man dances around playing a bagpipe-type instrument, VAR parade of camels on street; DX camel with head in air dances around robed man, then it walks on its kneecaps, MS man in solar powered car; DX MS of stealth-bomber shaped solar car parked, MS of car slowly rolling toward camera, then driving on freeway (funny); MS man in tan suit prepares for press conference, then press conference begins, tan man speaks!, then interview too; CU gold coins fall into messy pile, as if falling from a winning slot machine, then WS of coins falling into bin; USA: small pick-up driving in winter, snow piled on hood and roof, WS cars snowed in under drift, man shovels them out; DX VAR people scrape ice off of theirwindshields, HS snowcovered rural intersection, VAR aerials of countryside; NX major traffic jam, headlights, major accident scene-one car actually all the way up a hill, bodies on gurneys; NX VAR accident scenes, NX outside cult house, VAR ext scenes through fence, bald talking head, woman hides face from camera; NX woman with jacket over head placed in police car, boxes of materials carried from house, feed from Iraq newscast; INT CU Iraq flag, then pan back to reveal Saddam Hussein meeting with his generals, VAR shots of large table of generals; PHILIPPINES: cars pass thru military checkpoint, CU sign 'STOP Check-Point', CU barbed wire fence with castle behind; DX EST exterior of 'Lethal Injection Chamber' entrance, MS of lethal injection table (looks like Klaatu from that movie); CU man undoes straps on arm of the lethal injection table, pan back to wide shot of injection room, busy Filipino street; DX T-UP EXT church, then pandown to entrance, Filipino priest performs mass, MS Christ on the Cross statue; RUSSIA: VAR burned out trucks and cars and bldgs after riot, oddly enough, repeat of exact same USA winter footage before; NX office bldg, slow pan up to 3rd floor windows lit up, MS row of clocks showing international times, CU Jap shaves; INT VAR Japanese men around supercomputer, CU row of international clocks again, more VAR men around supercomputer; VAR INT shots of strange International Financial Convention, CU of computer screen filled with financial statistics; INT stupid Frenchie in beret is led away by security, protesting all the way, men in star costumes dance around ball; CU Wall St sign, VAR MS of stock analysts at computers, CU computer screen, WS pans floor of stock market; ECU tabloid 'Clinton Paternity Bombshell', VAR tabloid covers, z-in to computer screen with Drudge Report; the classic 'Bill Clinton hugs Monica Lewinsky' footage, Saddam Hussein sits at long white table with generals, VAR shots of meeting; INT shaky footage of Israeli cult suspects led through crowd, all covering their little cult heads, statements taken; INT Jewish man in beanie types in computer, WS Israeli parliament(?), taking votes, congratulate one man, Netanyahu!! ;