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NEWSFEED: 7/13-14/2005, LARGE PLANT FIRE NC, PALOS VERDES BRUSH FIRES IN CALIFORNIA, LOTTERY WINNERS VARIOUS, BISHOP INSTALLATION ;DX-EXT: NC PLANT FIRE, aerials of large plant, water being sprayed, large fire, mostly charred remains of big plant, lots water ;DX-INT: KY, 4 WIN A MILLION DOLLARS, lotto winners hold up winning check, couple smiles and poses for camera ;DX-EXT: CA, triple digit temps, kids skateboarding w/helmets, t/h heat, ice poured into cooler, fruit juice, golfers, sun thru trees ;DX-INT: CA, CHIEF BRATTON SHOOTING, press conf. Susie Pena shooting, explains shooting mechanics ;DX-EXT: CA, PALOS VERDES BRUSH FIRE, clouds of smoke, aerial, p/u to flames, close to homes, hillside flames, people garden hose ;DX-EXT: CA, PALOS VERDES BRUSH FIRE, people try to save homes with garden hose, fire dept, at scenes, lots of flames ; DX-EXT: MARLIN HITS BOAT INJURES TEEN, cool revenge! fish jumps from water, huge marlin on fishing line, OTS of teen on boat, cu fish ;DX-INT: Fl, Shuttle Discovery, crowds gather, t/h on shuttle landing ;DX-EXT: TN, Trooper Larkins funeral, procession in church carry casket, full dress honors, family enters, motorcycle procession; DX-EXT: TN, POLICE FUNERAL, procession of police cars flashing lights, and motorcycles, Hearst, color guard, etc ;DX-INT: TN, NEW BISHOP INSTALLATION, ceremony for new bishops in catholic church, full regalia, large crowd, arena; DX-EXT: FLIGHT 587, MEMORIAL PLAQUE, crying relatives, unveiled memorial, footage of burning wreckage, firemen, American Airlines ;DX-EXT: IL TERRORIST THREATS AT GAS STATION, aerial of empty gas station, surrounding area, Princeton, IL ;DX-INT: NEW PALTZ MAYOR, SAME SEX MARRIAGE CASE, two men marry, hug, DA drops charges against Mayor, celebration ;DX-INT: WV DISASTER WORKERS W/JACKPOT, POWERBALL WINNER, 10 MILLION DOLLARS, T/H HANDS OUT CHECKS ; DX-EXT: IN, MISSING CHILD FLYERS DISBURSED, cu of pic and flyer, press conference on missing child, distraught parents ;DX-EXT: FL Hurricane Dennis recovery, power crews work with cherry pickers fix power lines, relief efforts, elderly ;DX-EXT: NY JET EMERGENCY LANDING HYDRAULIC PROBLEMS, Evergreen jet on tarmac, towed into place ;DX-EXT: NC FLOODING WATER RESCUE, int. flooded homes, water in street, rivers overflow, workers in water trying to repair pipes ;DX-EXT: PA TODDLER SHOT INSTEAD OF RACCOON, NX police at scene, t/h of witnesses, flashing lights, distraught woman ;DX-EXT: CA, BOATING ACCIDENT, Stars & Stripes Yacht towed, marina, cu of leak in boat hull, water pours out, man looks at damage ; DX-EXT: VT, AMTRAK STATION THREATENED, police arrest suspect, place in car drive away , State Police sign, suspect photo ;DX-EXT: NE FATAL ACCIDENT, accident aftermath big wreck van and cars mangled, tow truck and police at scene ;DX-EXT: TX, SHARK ATTACK, people wade to shore, overweight, play in surf ;DX-INT: NY GOV. PATAKI, press conf, winery for NY products, bill signing, signs at table outside, others clap, speech ;DX-INT: BANGLADESH, UN AGAINST CHILD BRIDES, Indian wedding ceremony, painted up bride, traditional, young mothers w/kids ;DX-EXT: AR, BOYS DROWN IN RIVER, views of river, calm water, empty boat at landing, Augusta water tower; DX-EXT: CA, WILDFIRES, CLOSE TO MILLION DOLLAR HOMES, aerials Palos Verdes fires, helicopter drops foam, burning hillside, people watch ;DX-EXT: CA, MAMMOTH DINOSAUR BONES FOUND, dig site, t/h from scientist, thigh bone, femur, picking in dirt, brush with brush ;DX-EXT: MN, LIGHTS GO OUT ON BUDGET, CAPITOL BLDG, darkened halls and rooms without signed budget, in Minnesota, dark rotunda; DX-EXT: VT, MAN ARRESTED THREATENS AMTRAK, press conference, repeat suspect arrested put in car, car impounded ;DX-EXT: MN, BOMB SCARE AIRPORT, TERMINAL EVAC, police, bomb squad presence, police on tarmac, Delta jet lands, ext. airport ;DX-EXT: OK, TRAVELING VIETNAM MEMORIAL WALL SET UP, replica set up on tour, various soldiers cu on names on wall ;DX-EXT: FRANCE, CU Of control tower airport, in French, explains terrorist possibilities, practice drill, haz-mat wash down, etc ;DX-EXT: UK, BRITISH MUSLIMS CONDEMN BOMBINGS< press conference, community leaders ;DX-EXT: PA, CRAZY DRIVING CAUGHT ON TAPE, teens hang out of cars, lay on hood, lots of different images ;DX-EXT: MA, ALLIGATORS SPOTTED NEAR BOSTON, in water head showing, people watch from river bank, canoeist tries capture ;DX-EXT: UK, MORE VICTIMS IDENTIFIED FROM BOMBINGS, flowers, people praying, memorial spot, banks of flowers ;DX-EXT: VT, RESPONDS TO AMTRAK TERRORIST ARREST, REPEAT OF PHOTOS
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