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NEWSFEED: JUNE 25, 2002, VARIOUS, PLASTIC SURGERONS, MIDEAST, FOREST FIRES, BASEBALL CU Periodontist (face plastic surgeon) talk head, CU periodontist recipient talk head, MS Prez Periodontists talk head; VAR MS & CU Periodontist points @ photos in book talk head to patient, MS INT Doc's office Periodontist examines patient; ECU Gums: Doc pokes around, VAR CU patient's mouth, VAR MS patient on treadmill @ gym, VAR WS patient golfing Dx; CU Nightline talkhead; MIDEAST: WS Arafat et al. walk down stairs to podium, CU Arafat talk head into mics DX, INT PAN long tables w/Arafat @ head; WS Dx Palestinian crowd claps, CU Pal. leader w/mic screaming, VAR MS Pal. security chiefs escorted byarmed guards, WS Dx Arafat; WS Dx Hamas parade: Men in masks w/guns & large placards, VAR MS Hamas members in masks w/guns, VAR WS Dx Pal. market, WS Arafat; HIJACKER: DX Crash zoom on FBI breaking into apt building, WS Dx FBI frisk man w/hands on car, VAR info graphics & talking heads; JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER: CU Bush Z-OUT MS Bush and JPM sit on plush chairs & shake hands w/American flags BG & reporters all around; CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER: MS Bush & CPM shake hands & field questions, WS Dx PAN Burning forest w/homes FG, WS Z-IN flames in trees; FOREST FIRE: WS Dx Cadre of firemen file past camera, Handheld WS Dx OTS firemen approach blaze, CU frfghtr faces, MS man w/hose; FOREST FIRE CONT: MS tops of trees on fire, Z-IN CU herding animals, PAN from Blaze to men w/hoses, VAR WS fire, WS house on fire; FOREST FIRE CONT: WS Dx Aerial Overhead on forest fire PAN-U truly enormous pillar of smoke, Z-IN on flames: VAR Z-INS & Z-OUTS; MURDER REAX: VAR CU & MS talk head; MURDERER ARRESTED: CU Photo, CU INT tlk hd, BET AWARDS: WS Dx Red Carpet full of people w/crowd BG, VAR CU: Lil Bow Wow, Boyz-II-Men; BASEBALL: VAR shots Atlanta Braves v. New York Mets; WEST NILE VIRUS: MS Dx follow young girl playing, WS Dx Mother w/yng girl & boy, ECU tray of mosquitos, MS OTS scientist w/mosquitos; WEST NILE CONT: CU nozzle sprays bug poison, WS truck w/nozzle on back driving thru country, VAR CU tlk hds, VAR CU mosquitos; ELVIS TIME CAPSULE: WS Dx 2 men w/concrete time capsule, CU VAR details on Elvis sign, MS woman placing material into capsule; ICE HOCKEY: MS INT stadium Hasek skates in circles w/Stanley Cup in hands, VAR shots from game: Hasek blocks attempted goals; BASEBALL: VAR shots Milwaukee v. St Louis game, VAR shots Arizona v. Houston, VAR from Anaheim v. Texas, VAR Montreal v Pittsburgh; BASEBALL CONT: VAR Cleveland v Boston, VAR Toronta v Tampa Bay;