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NEWSFEED 1/18/2000, JANUARY 18TH, 2000, CLINTON, ELIAN GONZLAEZ, NYC SNOWSTORM, COLLEGE CAMPUSES, MUSIC AWARDS, CLOWNS ON ROLLER COASTERS; DX New York, sexual morality, liberal resources, room filled with professionals, talking heads, speeches; DX New York, Peter Jennings gives opening statement to news broadcast; DX MIAMI, Elian Gonzalez, walks around in yard, going to school, with relatives, father in Cuba, crowds, press conference; NX LOS ANGELES, AMA AWARDS, American Music awards, Kelsey Krammer, Santana, crowds clapping, Diana Ross, Garth Brooks, Brittany Spears, DMX, Backstreet Boyz; DX BOSTON, Bill Clinton, gun laws, talking heads, police officer introduces Clinton, speech; DX DC, computers, people gathered around table, talking head, weather systems; DX EAST GREENWICH, John McCain getting off tour bus, Mccain talks to crowd, clapping, speech; DX CHICAGO, Elian Gonzales, pastor gives speech, talking heads, various Cuban giving speeches, press; DX SARATOGA CA, new computer chip, man holds in palm, talking heads, woman sitting in airport using lab top, various labtops; DX BERLIN, Beatles song, yellow submarine is made into 3D ride for kids, ` kids on ride, images from ride, adults on ride ; DX ORLANDO, FL, clowns ride roller coasters, kids and clowns at theme park, kids on ride w/clowns, roller coaster footage; DX DC, man talking about oil and gas prices in room filled w/people; DX LOS ANGELES,Don Knotts gets a star on Hollywood walk of fame, unveiling of star, crowds clapping Don takes pictures; DX MIAMI, Elian Gonzales, crowds in front of house, talking heads, Elian going to school, Janet Reno, press confERENCE; DX NASA, animation of Lunar Eclipse, talking head, shots of moon, satellites in space, Hubble station; DX OREGON, police release videotape of Kip Kinkel, murderer, weapons on table, blood on floor, Kip Handcuffed, escorted; DX NYC, snowstorm footage, shots from atop a highrise bldg, traffic, city streets, peds on street, great shots; DX OREGON, high school shooter/murderer, KiP Kenkel, same exact footage from above; DX MIAMI, Elian Gonzalez plays swords with relatives, Janet Reno, court room scene, press conference, talking heads; DX CLINTON, Arafat at white house, press conf, sitting in chairs, Clinton talks to press; DX HARRY & LOUISE ads revived in health care debate, coverage is the cure; DX Netscape, two people walking thru expensive house, EXT shot of Netscape headquarters, kids at school, college campus shots; DX LONDON, Tyson mobbed by fans as he retraces Mohammed Ali's footsteps to the Mecca, peds on street, police, Tyson yells from window; DX LOS ANGELES, computer hackers Kevin Mitnick released from prison, press conference, computer screens, Motorola; DX NYC stock exchange, NYSE closing bell, shot over looking floor, few people milling around; DX BOB EDGAR, president of some religious party, Elian Gonzalez, talking heads, church world services ; DX MIAMI, Elian Gonzalez, several diplomats from Cuba give long speeches in front of press, several minutes long ;
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