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NEWSFEED: 7/8-12/2005 TONY BLAIR G8 SUMMIT OUTCOME AND TERRORIST BOMBINGS THANK YOU, BUS DAMAGE IMAGES, PRINCE ALBERT CROWNED ;DX-INT, LONDON, TONY BLAIR, thanks everyone for solidarity after terror attacks from G8 summit platform, Gleneagles ;DX-INT, Tony Blair, speaks on Africa progress towards poverty, end date of subsidies, and look forward to Hong Kong summit ;DX-INT, China and India, as energy consumers, dialect must include all countries, climate change problem, tackle with urgency ;DX-INT, Tony Blair, speaks on package for middle east to dole out 3 billion dollars and repair infrastructure ;DX-INT, Tony Blair, takes reporters questions from G8 press conference, lots of variety in questions ;DX-INT, Tony Blair, regarding trade to Africa questions from reporters regarding the G8 summit ;DX-INT, LOTS OF TONY BLAIR, F/S AND W/S OF CROWDS AND REPORTERS WITH QUESTIONS ;DX-EXT, GLENEAGLES, LODGE sight of G8 Summit, Scotland ext. estb ;DX-EXT, western mountain type city, with snow on mtn, generic, signal slips in and out ;DX-INT, Jacques Chirac, Gleneagles press conference, signal slips in and out of focus ;DX-EXT, LONDON, King's Cross, crowds enter subway station ;DX-EXT, LONDON, newspaper with photo of victim and t/h from other survivors of bombing, bandaids on face, no clearance ;DX-EXT, LONDON, TERRORIST BOMBING BUS WRECKAGE, cu of double decker bombed out bus wreckage, var. angles, cu wreckage ;DX-EXT, LONDON, HARRY SMITH INT. PEOPLE DO NOT USE ***DX-EXT, LONDON, PROF. MICHAEL CLARK, T/H, bombings, reaction of Londoners, stiff upper lip, indiscriminate nature of terror ;DX-EXT, LONDON, MORE Harry Smith, (do not use***) rescue efforts after subway bombings ok to use; DX-INT, Phillippines, protesters against Arroyo, state dinner, cu Mrs. Arroyo, formal, everyone in white suits, protesters outside ;DX-EXT, Phillippines, protesters with lit candles line streets, oppose Arroyo ;DX-EXT, China, farmers protest, amateur video, rallying crowds of protesters prepare to march ;DX-EXT, Monaco, Prince Albert assumes throne, arrives RR pulls up to palace, color guard, exits up red carpet, ceremony in church ;DX-INT, Monaco, Prince Albert with sisters, priest, blessings, Stephanie and Caroline, choir ;DX-EXT, Senators on Supreme Court, resigning of Sandra Day O'connor and new justice, press conference ;DX-EXT, Senators comment on Supreme Court Vacancy, pt. 2, another group, on who will be nominated to court by Bush ;DX-INT, LONDON, Tony Blair signs condolence book, for terrorist bombing victims, cu of him signing ;