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NEWSFEED: 9/3-4/04, MUSLIM WOMEN PROTEST, HURRICANE FRANCES IN FLORIDA, SURVIVORS OF RUSSIAN TERRORIST MASSACRE, BUSH & KERRY; FRANCE HEADSCARF BAN: DEMOS AGAINST Islamic women protesting against ban on religious dress HEADSCARVES (hijab) in public schools; HURRICANE FRANCES stormy sea waves & fierce wind, evacuees in shelter, house with boarded windows, boat driven into shore ;Hurricane driven flooding in Bahamas- people wading. Is this guy in a blue slicker Dan Rathers dumb ass? Time to go indoors, eh? ;More storm in Florida...fierce winds...people in shelter....water pouring from rain gutter, heavy rain ;Yes! Kid clinging to railing to keep from blowing away- just joking around, stop sign & downed traffic signals, tattered U.S. flag ;HURRICANE FRANCES repeats w/o V/O. Love that name...It's just as we feared, France's coming to get us! ;HURRICANE FRANCES Coco Beach pair of red flags with black squares in fierce wind, boarded up windows, pier, palm trees ;HURRICANE FRANCES West Palm Beach hotel staff trying to cope with storm, hotel, CU hands holding his & her wedding rings in cases ; U.S. flag being shredded by storm, boat moored in choppy water ;HURRICANE FRANCES CAPE CANAVERAL beached sailboat, Kennedy Space Center, 'file footage' previous hurricanes, rainfall on street; RUSSIA SCHOOL AFTERMATH family members looking for news posted about survivors of massacre, photos of kids in hospital; Kids in hospital, mother laying head on dead childs breast, Putin visiting hospital, angry crowd, people visit bombed school gym ;CAMPAIGN 2004 BUSH IN PA massive crowd awaiting campaign bus, Bush appearing at rally, Bush waving from bus, speech ;Bush visiting in ice cream shop, 'Bush daughters' posing, Bush shaking hands, speech at rally ;CAMPAIGN 2004 KERRY IN OHIO Kerry shaking hands, rally, watching H.S. football game, campaign bus, holding baby ;San Bernardino woman standing on empty lot, NX 2003 firestorm burning neighborhood, houses burning down...burning up... ;Old couple looking at blueprints of house, drive by houses - two story houses, small post war houses, construction ugly new houses; Houses damaged by hurricane ;HURRICANE FRANCES JUNO BEACH palm trees, pounding waves, battered street signs, fallen trees, sparks from power line, palms; Family standing in doorway...I bet the only reason people stay home during hurricanes is so they might get to be on tv ;Heavy traffic on hwy in fine weather (evacuation?), people playing Scrabble ha ha, people in shelter, houses in storm; CAMPAIGN 2004 KERRY WITH OHIO FLOODING VICTIMS Kerry meeting couple recovering from flood; WILDFIRES GEYSER FIRE smoke rising over forest & powerlines, faded warning sign, WSs smoke & helicopters ;SOUTHWEST REGION PLANE CRASH/VINTAGE, 2 DEAD classified ad 1943 PT-26 Cessna for sale, aftermath plane crash men look at wreck ;CLINTON FLOWERS AND WELL-WISHERS ARRV (well wishers...wishing wells) 'Get Well' balloons, Millstein Hospital Bldg ;NORTHEAST REGION OFFICER KILLED/SUSPECT CHARGED bad court cam judge taking seat, Michael L.Allen listening to charge; CAMPAIGN 2004 KERRY ATTENDS RALLY SWING Kerry speech at rally; HURRICANE FRANCES NX hurricane- palms tossing in wind, heavy rain; HURRICANE FRANCES PORT ST. LUCIE heavy rain, strong wind, collapsed house, daredevil surfer jumps into waves, crazy mf! ;Pier bombarded by waves, fierce wind, various damage, fallen tree, fallen power line, trees toss in wind, heavy rain, shelter; NX tattered U.S. flag tossing in wind ;WILDFIRES CA PATTISON FIRE CLEANUP 'bambi-bucket' helicopter drops water (no fire), charred wrecks, classic cars; Charred ruins bldg destroyed in fire, firefighters hosing down rubbish, WS grey hazy smoky hills, rubbish; HURRICANE FRANCES MELBOURNE ridiculous pigeon trying to fly in storm, pigeons huddled on roof, fallen traffic light; Another shredded U.S. flag! Good timing! Power line goes BLOOIE in a flash & shower of sparks, blackout- lights flicker & die ; NX sparks outside hotel, DX power line swaying, trees sway in wind, halo of light around transformer ;