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NEWSFEED 4/4/03, NIGHT VIS IRAQ WAR W/ABU DHABI TV BUG, WAR IN IRAQ PRESS CONFERENCE, BOMB MAPS, SMART BOMBS, ARMY INFORMATION OFFICER ; NX EXT night vision Abu Dhabi Tv bug Iraq at night fires flicker, anti-aircraft artillery ; NX EXT night vision anti-aircraft fire Abu Dhabi bug on screen, Mostly inactive Night Vision Iraq ; NX EXT Night Vision Bug visible car and headlights move through city, P-R night vision camera, Abu Dhabi news ; INT War in Iraq press conference, Army official spaks at podium, graphics outline bomb targets, live bombing camera, Map of Iraq ; INT Var graphics buildings blown up, still Iraqi weapons cache, Footage of Iraqi water relief, white journalist asks question; INT Army official answers questions, sitll of Iraqi contraband, Journalist with question, Army official with answer ;INT Army official laughs answers question, white journalist with notebook asks question var, Woman from AP asks question; INT Army official likes the AP girl, he answers her question very carefully, white journalist asks question ;INT Journalist continues with question, WS journalist FG Army official answers questions, Arab/Indian Journalist asks questions ; INT journalist takes picture, Army information officer, Deep voiced journalist in James caghney body, Army officer T/H ;INT woman English journalist asks question, Army official answers question, cue loss of vertical hold, andwe're clear ;