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NEWSFEED: 10/21/04 IRAQIS TURN IN ARMS, JAPANESE TYPHOON DAMAGE, CASTRO FALLS ON HIS FACE, FATAL CAR CRASHES, FLORIDA TORNADO ;DX, TH plane crash survivor describes wreck, stills of victim, plane crash survivors walks out of hospital, describes crash; DX, Stills of UK female hostage in Iraq, her husband at press conference, asks that she be let go;DX, stills of US soldier sentences for Iraqi prisoner abuse, prison control tower, troops standing outside prison, prisoner photos; DX, Iraq: car on fire, smoke, people watch, firetruck arrives, charred car remains, women chanting, screaming, mourning;DX, Iraq: groups of men stand outside gates of a sport club, Iraqis handing in guns, riffles to US soldiers, woman hold riffle;DX, Soldier makes announcement from Hummer roof. UK: PM cabinet members enter PM's home, UK troops patrol Iraqi city;DX, British soldier chats w/Iraqis, Iraqi man asks UK soldier the time. UK parliament member says they will send UK troops to Iraq;NX, Aerial of Kalitta Air plane missing engine. Stills of Prince Harry scuffle w/photographers, Harry riding horse; DX, man in leather jacket opens heavy door to club, dozens of papparazzi take photographs, Harry walks w/a friend;NX, Prince Harry in military uniform at ceremony. Ext of Nightclub, black stone walls & heavy wooden door, CU security camera; DX, Florida: tornado, huge funnel cloud taped from boat, tornado moves along shore, explosion seen inside cloud;DX, Japan: typhoon aftermath, waves crash over huge ship, rescue workers battle waves to get stretcher to helicopter; DX, Japan: destroyed homes along coast, bulldozer knocks down walls.People stranded on roof are rescued by boat & helicopter; DX, rescue workers in paddle boats save mother & child, flooded homes, workers carry body out of home; NX, crowd listens to Castro speak, statue of Castro, he takes a drink of water, he walks down stairs & falls on his face;NX, Huge Castro statue, people pat Castro to make sure he is ok, he speaks to crowd from a chair, crowd applauds; DX, TH woman about depression during her pregnancy, pan over child's toys: race track, shelf filled with books, stuffed animals;DX, CU yellow pills, CU prozac, ultrasound of fetus, ultrasound of baby foot, baby eating Cheerios; DX, teens in school, girl reads book, teenage reporter, stills of crumbling school facilities, cheer team practices in halls;DX, students at lockers, stills of mouse hole. mouse traps all over school, kids in hall, cracked windows; DX, repairmen fix windows in classroom. Teen boy sings in band, memorial by road, firemen by car crashes, car wrapped around pole;DX, VAR fatal car crashes, beer can in grass, teen girl crying against car, crash victim loaded into ambulance, man at computer;DX, teens walk in school hall, B&W teen boy laughing, roadside memorial. Iraq: mosque, angry man in turban speaks; DX, abstract garden statue of athlete, Olympic committee building, man in suit signs document, denies male gymnast's appeal;DX, Interview w/organ donor & patient, stills of old man in OR, EXT hospital. Mountain side, person hanging from side; DX, El Capitain mountain, helicopter by mountain, pan up mountain, ext. Yosemite lodge, helicopter saves climber; DX, Russia: ext Bolshoi theater, fountain, statue of man w/horses, ballerina, opera singer, crumbling building; DX, Int. theater, marble statue of man, painting of woman, chandeliers, ballet on stage, ballerinas practicing; DX, outside of crumbling building, man cleaning theater, pan over golden tiers, orchestra pit, opera, statues outside building; DX, hunters walk thru field carrying dead geese, dog runs around them. Smoking apartment building, firemen outside;NX, smoking apartment building, firemen spray water, firemen enter home. Aerial of bank, FBI cops stand out front; DX, armored car parked, investigators mill around. Aerial of suburban home, cops mill around; DX, WS Fallujah, planes fly overhead, explosions heard. Iraq: Anti-US demonstration, people carry banners, chant & march; DX, Iraq: smoke in air, helicopter arrives at official building. US base in Kosovo: soldiers on base, fill out absentee ballots;DX, soldier drops her absentee ballot in mailbox, CU US mailbox. Japan: huge ships & cargo ships knocked over after typhoon; DX, Japan: ships on their sides in dock, cargo of cars on docks;
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