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NEWSFEED: 10/6-11/2004, HUGE COIN, BOMBING IN PAKISTAN, JOHN KERRY, JOHN EDWARDS, BARAK OBAMA, HUGE EXPENSIVE COIN, JOHN ASHCROFT;GERMANY: ground breaking ceremony for US Embassy; CHINA: smoldering debris from blown-up factory; $500,000 COIN: Man unveils huge coin that would by a lot of sodas except it won't fit in any of the machines; BRIEFING: police chief discusses arrest made in school threat; JOHN ASHCROFT: gives speech in NYC; PAKISTAN: aftermath of bombing, lots of injured in hospital; NEW ZEALAND SEX TRIAL: var shots of NZ, courthouse, barristers arriving; SUBMARINE RESCUE: sub crashes in waves, sailors lifted on helicopter; AUSTRALIAN ELECTIONS: candidate John Howard shakes hands of supporters, voters place ballot in box; PAKISTAN: aftermath of car bombing-not pretty to look at, ambulance, blood on curb, damage from bomb; JOHN KERRY: gives campaign speech; ICONOCLAST: photos of Crawford TX newspaper (GW Bush's hometown) endorsing Kerry; BARAK OBAMA: gives election lecture; JOHN EDWARDS: gives campaign speech mocking Bush mistakes; METEORITE: family reacts to meteorite that fell on their land, many shots of meteorite;