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STS-80347 @ 03:20:55
NEWSFEED 4/11/12/99 YUGOSLAVIA WAR, SLOBODAN MILOSOVIC, MARGARET THATCHER, TONY BLAIR, MADELINE ALBRIGHT, REFUGEES IN CAMPS; NX YUGOSLAVIA/WAR: tracer missle fire over city, DX debri from bombing fireman spraying foam, bombed bridges, city var; NX YUGOSLAVIA/WAR: NX fires burning, bombed out cars, Yugo plant, cats and dogs dig thru debris, Slobodan Milosovic; INT. YUGOSLAVIA WAR: int. Nato General speaks to assembled crowd regarding bombing, bomb site targets, aftermath of bombing; DX ALBANIA/MACEDONIA: CAMPS, refugees fleeing in cars, by wagon, by tractor whole families, camplife men, women, children; DX ALBANIA/MACEDONIA: CAMPS, outdoor school children draw pictures of tanks and bombing, food and supplies handed out at camp; DX ALBANIA/MACEDONIA: CAMPS, women wash out clothes, community bathing and brushing teeth, camp tents various; DX VARIOUS: POLITICS, Madeline Albright, shakes hands with Kosovo official speech with Madeline in Oslo regarding withdrawal; DX VARIOUS: POLITICS, Pres. Clinton, rose garden speech regarding Kosovo turmoil, House Parliament Tony Blair speaks; DX VARIOUS: POLITICS, dignitaries exit Luftansa plane, enter limos at the tarmac; DX UNITED STATES: KLA, pan Royal Regency Hotel, refugees in the US from Kosovo hold up flag of Serbia, various; DX YUGOSLAVIA: MILOSOVIC, greets officals receives the red carpet treatment, reviews troops, speaks to press; DX ALBANIA/YUGO: WAR, jet planes taxi on runway, soldiers random fighting, locals give interviews, women in shelter; DX ALBANIA/YUGO: WAR, US troops, set up bunkers, tanks, helicopters, burned out rubble, protestors; DX ALBANIA/MACEDONIA: REFUGEES/AID, load refugees on buses, convoy of buses, refugee camps, crowded, crying, makeshift camp; DX ALBANIA/MACEDONIA, troops unload from cargo ships, tanks set up under netting point guns skyward, int. tanks, various; DX BELGIUM: YUGOSLAVIA, Tony Blair arrives, NATO officials arrive at conference, various speak on crisis in YUGOSLAVIA; DX UK/VAR: PINOCHET, REAX, protestors regarding Pinochet, jubiliant regarding fight on extradition, police patrol; DX UK/VAR: PINOCHET, REAX, Margaret Thatcher, archival of Pinochet in full military regalia, and review of troops; DX UK/VAR: PINOCHET, REAX, newspaper headlines, jubliant protestors and candle vigil, talking heads var.; DX UK/VAR: PINOCHET, REAX, exit aerea de chile plane, red carpet extends, official; NX ALBANIA/MACEDONIA: AID/REFUGEES, men & women, exit buses, children, bonfires going for warmth, DX tent camps; NX YUGOSLAVIA: WAR, tracer fire, bombing, DX aftermath and rubble from bombings, damaged bridge and power plants; DX YUGOSLAVIA: WAR, rubble, homes damaged, personal property strew about, wounded in hospital and along roadside; DX YUGOSLAVIA: WAR, convoy struck, convoy incident, maps, and press conference, presented by Allied Forces; DX YUGOSLAVIA: BLASTS, cityscapes smoke from burning and bombed buildings, dx var., tracer fire as bombs come in; DX PAKISTAN/INDIA: 2ND MISSLE, rocket in launch mode short clip tape ends ;
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