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SF-1795 @ 01:00:00
01/16/2014 4 T748178950 Preview: 10/20/51; Broadcast: 10/21/51; 1st spot: Checkers (with dog), Opening jokes; 2nd spot: The Human Fly (Cauliflower McPlugg); 3rd spot: The Smokeless Sunday (Willy Lump Lump); 4th spot: The Taylor Maids, "That's the Man For Me"; 5th spot: Execution (Commercial); 6th spot: The American Dance; Reference: Film Library Vol. 4 10/21/51 01/22/2014 5 T748179257 Preview: 10/27/51; Broadcast: 10/28/51; 1st Spot: Opening Jokes; 2nd Spot: Theatre Seat Routine; 3rd Spot: Atomic Crunchies; 4th Spot: Weatherman; 5th Spot Mountain Washing (Clem; Commercial; 6th Spot: "On the Sunny Side of the Street" (Beverly Hudson); 7th Spot: Laying Cornerstone (San Fernando Red); Reference: Film Library Vol. 5 10/28/51 01/16/2014 6 T748178941 Preview: 11/3/51; Broadcast: 11/4/51; 1st spot opening jokes (Junior Halloween), 2nd spot: Real Estate Saleman (Clem Kadiddlehopper); 3rd spot: Vitamin Announcer (Tenessee Waltz); 4th spot: The Pepperettes; 5th spot: Artists & Models (Commercial); 6th spotBurglar Skit (Willy Lump Lump); Reference Film Library Vol.6 11/4/51 01/22/2014 7 T748179255 Preview: 11/10/51; Broadcast: 11/11/51; 1st Spot: Opening Jokes; 2nd Spot: Mocking Bird Hill (Clem, Cauliflower, Red); 3. 3rd Spot: "Let's Do It Again" (The Sportsmen); 4th Spot: Cafe Paree Commercial; If Adults Acted Like Kids; Reference: Film Library Vol. 7 11/11/51 01/16/2014 8 T748178944 Preview: 11/17/51; Broadcast: 11/18/51; 1st spot: Opening jokes (Junior jokes); 2nd spot: Tootpaste salesman (Clem); 3. Drugstore customers & Clerks; 4th spot; G.I. McPlugg (Commercial); 5th spot: "the Customer is Always Right" (The Modernaires); 6th spot: The Private (Bloodshot) Eye(Willy Lump Lump); Reference: Film Library Vol.8 11/18/51 01/22/2014 9 T748179259 Preview: 11/24/41 (as typed); Broadcast: 11/25/51; 1st Spot: Junior Jokes; 2nd Spot: Prize Fight (Pantomime); 3rd Spot: Three Stages of Marriedm Life; 4th Spot: Prison Scene (Commercial); 5th Spot: Swan Lake Ballet; Reference: Film Library Vol. 9 11/25/51 01/17/2014 10 T748178964 Preview: 12/1/51; Broadcast: 12/2/51; 1st spot: Opening jokes; 2nd spot: Different People Walking Up and Down Stairs; 3rd spot: Radio Sound Effects; 4th spot: McPlugg Locker Room; Commercial; 5th spot: Used Car Dealer (Clem); Reference: Film Library Vol. 10 12/2/51 01/16/2014 12 T748178951 Preview: 12/8/51; Broadcast: 12/9/51; 1st spot: Opening jokes; 2nd spot: Clem Selling CHristmas Trees; 3rd spot: "I Wanna Say Hello" (The Four Knights) and "You Broke Your Promise" (with Red); 4th spot: ? Politina Commercial (San Fernando ?; 5th spot: Willy Lump Lump, Expert Christmas Tree Trimmer; Reference: Film Library Vol. 12 12/9/51 01/22/2014 11 T748179258 Preview: 12/8/51; Broadcast: 1st Spot: Opening Jokes (Tennis Player); 2nd Spot: Different People Walking (Pantomime); 3rd Spot: English Courtroom (Commercial); 4th Spot: Big Card Game (Deadeye); Reference: Film Library Vol. 11 12/9/51 01/16/2014 13 T748178945 Preview: 12/22/51; Broadcast: 12/23/51; 1st spot: Opening jokes; 2nd spot: "Live" Commercial (Red using Tide to take-off make-up; 3rd spot: Skeltons at home; Reference: Film Library ? 12/23/51 01/16/2014 14 T748178946 Preview: 12/29/51; Broadcast: 12/30/51; 1st spot: Opening jokes (California sunshine); 2nd spot: Drunk Frying Eggs; 3rd spot: Invitation to Skelton's First Dance; 4th spot: How Women Get Up; 5th spot: Desert Island, Commercial; 6th spot: Dancing school (Clem); Reference Film Library Vol. 31 12/29/51 01/17/2014 15 T748178963 Preview: 1/5/52; Broadcast: 1/6/52; 1st spot: Opening jokes; 2nd spot: Cavalcade of Sports (Weepy J.K. Numbskull); 3rd spot: The Bouncer (McPlugg) Trenier Twins (Go-Go-Go); 4th spot: The Golfer (Commercial; 5th spot: The Corpus Delicti (Milton Berle); Reference: Film Library Vol. 15 1/6/52 01/22/2014 16 T748179256 Preview: 1/12/52; Broadcast: 1/13/52; 1st Spot: Opening Jokes; 2nd Spot: Smoothola Shave Cream (Clem); 3rd Spot: Baby Sitter (McPlugg); 4th Spot: Department Store Commercial; 5th Spot: Spectre of the Rose; Reference: Film Library Vol. 16 1/13/52 01/22/2014 17 T748179260 Preview: 1/19/52; Broadcast: 1/20/52; 1st Spot: Opening Jokes (Little Red "Walking" Hood; 2nd Spot: Frying Eggs (Willy Lump Lump); 3rd Spot: Drugstore Routine; 4th Spot: The Clean Fighter (Commercial); 5th Spot: Parking & Sparking; Reference: Film Library Vol. 17 1/20/52 01/16/2014 18 T748178952 Preview: 1/26/52; Broadcast: 1/27/52; 1st spot: Shortest Commercial in Television; 2nd spot: Opening jokes; (Junior jokes); 3rd spot: Pantomimes, Speakers, Movie heroes Dying; 4th spot: Skylarks (St. Louis Blues); 5th spot: Rock-A-Bye Commercial;6th spot: Embarrassing Moments; Reference Film Library Vol. 18 1/27/52 01/17/2014 20 T748178988 (Exactly as label shows info); 1st spot: Camera Explosion; 4th spot: Streets of Laredo; 3rd spot: It's Magic; 2nd spot: Transcontinental; 5th spot: Topsy-Turvy (Willy); Reference: Film Library Vol. 20; Preview: 2/9/52; Broadcast: 2/10/52 2/10/52 01/22/2014 21 T748179177 Preview: 2/16/52; Broadcast: 2/17/52; 1st Spot: Opening Jokes (Beaches); 2nd Spot: Catching the Bus; 3rd Spot: "Longest Commercial in Television"; 4th Spot: David Rose (Holiday for Strings); 5th Spot: The Cocktail Lounge; 6th Spot: "The ?"; Refernce: Film Library 2/17/52 01/17/2014 22 T748178986 Preview: 2/23/52; Broadcast: 2/24/52; 1st spot: Opening jokes; 2nd spot: Different people Watching Boxing Match; 3rd spot: Lord Beaverhead; 4thspot; Pedestrian Polo, Commercial (Clem); 5th spot: How to Make a Salad (Willy); Reference: Film Library Vol. 22 2/24/52 01/22/2014 23 T748179179 Preview: 3/2/52; Broadcast: 3/3/52; 1st Spot: Opening Jokes (Flying); 2nd Spot: Lecture on Human Anatomy (Clem Kadiddlehopper); 3rd Spot: The Rivero Quintet; 4th Spot: Pasquale's Hotel (Commercial); 5th Spot: On the House; Reference: Film Library Vol. 23 3/3/52 01/22/2014 25 T748179176 No. 1: Opening Jokes; No. 2: Travelogue (Clem); No. 3: Shepard Brothers (Swiss Bell Ringers); No. 4: Dirty Deadeye (Commercial); No. 5: Lost Patrol (McPlugg); Preview: 3/15/52; Broadcast: 3/16/52; Reference: Film Library Vol. 25 3/16/52 01/22/2014 ? T748178522 3/23/52; "Corn On Cob R.S.S."; Prod. No. 26 3/23/52 01/17/2014 26 T748178989 1. Opening jokes; 2. Corn Eating Routine; 3. Laundromat (Commercial starrin McPlugg); 4. Debt of a Salesman (Willy Lump Lump); Preview: 3/22/52; Broadcast: 3/23/52; Reference: Film Library Vol. 26 3/23/52 01/17/2014 27 T748178990 Preview: 3/29/52; Broadcast: 3/30/52; 1st spot: Opening jokes (Political); 2nd spot: Bon Bons (Pantomime); 3rd spot: Willy the Barber, Commercial; 4th spot: Quiz the Candidate (San Fernando); Reference: Film Library Vol. 27 3/30/52 01/22/2014 28 T748179178 Preview: 4/5/52; Broadcast: 4/6/52; 1st Spot: Opening Jokes (Junior Jokes - Fires & Zoo); 2nd Spot: The Travel Bureau (Clem Kadiddlehopper); 3rd Spot: Last of the Mohiccans (Deadeye - Commercial); Note: 4th Spot is a return to The Travel Bureau (Clem); Reference: Film Library Vol. 28 4/6/52 01/16/2014 30 T748178953 Preview: 4/19/52; Broadcast: 4/20/52; 1st spot: Opening jokes; 2nd spot: Helen of Troy (commercial); 3rd spot: Prosper or Pay the Penalty (J. Newton Numbskull); Reference: Film Library Vol. 30 4/20/52 01/17/2014 31 T748178991 Preview: 4/26/52; Broadcast: 4/27/52; 1st spot: Opening jokes (Atomic Blast); 2nd spot: Joseph Marais and Miranda - Songs; 3rd spot: Railroad Tower Commercial (Clem); 4th spot: Movietime (The Little Italian); Reference Film Library Vol. 31 4/27/52 01/16/2014 32 T748178955 Preview: 5/3/52; Broadcast: 5/4/52 (from San Francisco); 1st spot: Opening jokes (Cable Cars); 2nd spot; It Takes All Kinds - Interview - (Clem) (Cauliflower); 3rd spot: Chinese Laundry; 4th spot: Guzzler's Tonic; Reference: Film Library Vol. 32 5/4/52 01/16/2014 33 T748178960 Preview: 5/10/52; Broadcast: 5/11/52; 1st spot: Opening jokes (San Francisco); 2nd spot: Mixing A Salad For The Dollar Dinner; 3rd spot: Weepy the Cluck Commercial; 4th spot: Let's Talk About Mother (Mother's Day); Reference: Film Library Vol. 33 5/11/52 01/17/2014 34 T748178983 Preview: 5/17/52; Broadcast: 5/18/52; 1st spot: Opening jokes (Warner Bros. Fire); 2nd spot: Telephone Trouble; 3rd spot: The Absent Minded Announcer (Commercial), Poem - J. Newton Numbskull; 4th spot: Dinner at Cobina's (Clem); Reference: Film Library Vol. 34 5/18/52 01/22/2014 35 T748179175 Preview: 5/24/52; Broadcast: 5/25/52; 1st Spot: Opening Jokes (College Boys, Cauliflower); 2nd Spot: Hiccups Cure (Clem); 3rd Spot: It's Kind to Your hands Too (twins) Commercial; 4th spot: The Railroad Station (Willy); Refernce: Film Library Vol. 35 5/25/52 01/22/2014 36 T748179180 No. 1: Opening Jokes; No. 2: Great Saloon Robbery (Deadeye); No. 3: "Live" Commercial in Deadeye Skit; Preview: 5/31/52; Broadcast: 6/1/52; Reference: Film Library Vol. 26 6/1/52 01/16/2014 37 T748178954 Preview: 6/7/52; Broadcast: 6/8/52; 1st spot: Dave Rose Opening: 2nd spot: Opening jokes (Benny Rubin Spelling Tide, political jokes, Spring in Los Angeles, Junior); 3rd spot: Different People Getting Into Bed; 4th spot:Wo? in the Mountain - Ski LodgeCommercial; 5th spot: "Foldin' Boy" - McPlugg; Ref ? 6/8/52 01/17/2014 38 T748178992 Preview: 6/14/52; Broadcast: 6/15/52; 1st spot: Opening jokes (Convention); 2nd spot: Let's Talk About Father, Delivery Room (Commercial), Father's Day (Bedroom & Living Room), Delivery Room; Reference Film Library Vol. 38 6/15/52 01/22/2014 1 T748179174 Aired: 9/28/52; 1. Red's Opening with David Rose and Drinking Gag; 2. Different people Watching TV; 3. Different People at the Beach; 4. Cauliflower at Bat (Integ. Commercial); 5. It's Good To Be Home with Willy Lump Lump; 6. Red's Closing 9/28/52 01/16/2014 2 T748178956 Aired: 10/5/52; 1. Red's opening in front of curtains; 2. Smooth sailing (Integ. commercial); 3. Painting the bedroom with Willy; 4. Under the curtain closing; Refernce: Film Library Vol. 2 - Sec. 2 10/5/52 01/22/2014 3 T748179168 Aired: 10/12/52; 1. People with Ice Cream at the Movies; 2. Stage Coach Commercial (Repeat); 3. Chloremycetin, I Love You; Reference: Film Library Vol. 3, Sec. 2 10/12/52 01/22/2014 4 T748179173 Aired: 10/19/52; 1. Clem's Barnyard Lecture; 2. Sidewalk Confusion (Integ. Commercial); 3. The Mad Scientist; Reference: Film Library Vol. 4, Sec. 2 10/19/52 01/17/2014 5 T748178987 Aired: 10/26/52; 1. Opening Jollies; 2.People Crossing the Street; 3. Lt. Muscle (Integ. Commercial); Beaverhead and Putnam; 5. Closing with John Wayne; Reference: Film Library Vol. 5 - Sec. 2 10/26/52 01/16/2014 6 T748178957 Aired 11/2/52; 1. Opening Jollies; 2. San Fernando in Whistle Stop; 3. The Gooney Gardener (Int. Commercial); 4. John Q. American Secret Ballot; Reference: Film Library Vol. 6 - Sec. 2 11/2/52 01/16/2014 8 T748178943 Aired: 11/16/52; 1. Hotel Lobby; 2. Photographer's Model (Integ. Commercial); 3. Waterfront Cafe Scene 11/16/52 01/22/2014 7 T748179144 Aired: 11/9/52; 1. Opening in Front of Curtains; 2. Clem's Promotion (corrected as Graduation); 3. McPlugg and Clean Fighter (Last Year's Commercial); 4. G.I. Dentist; Reference: Film Library Vol. 7 - Sec. 2 11/19/52 01/17/2014 9 T748178962 Aired: 11/23/52; 1. Stockade Opening with Lucy Knoch; 2. Football Coach - Weepy Talks Turkey; 3. Miles Standish with John Alden Sketch (Integ. Commercial)Reference: Film Library Vol. 9- Sec. 2 11/23/52 01/22/2014 11 T748179142 Aired: 12/7/52; 1. Boss With A Cigar; 2. The Robot Mechanical Man; The Sportsmen Singing; 4. French Hand Laundry (Integ. Comm.); 5. Fancy Footwork (McPlugg); Reference: Film Library Vol. 11, Sec. 2 12/7/52 01/17/2014 11 T748178985 EXTRA COPY of SHOW #11; Aired: 12/7/52; 1. Openings (Boss With A Cigar); 2. The Robot Mechanical Man (starring Pitchman Pete); 3. The Sportsman Quartet; 4. French Hand Laundry (Integrated Commercial); 5. Fancy Footwork (McPlugg); Reference: Film Library, Extra Copies; Duplicate 12/7/52 01/22/2014 12 T748179143 Aired: 12/14/52; 1. Theatre Lobby Opening (Different People at theMovies); 2. The Step Brothers; 3. The Sultan (Integ. Comm.); 4. The Bum's Rush (Freddy the Freeloader) 12/14/52
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