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HRN-2124 Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, Black Book of Diet Secrets A03. HRN-2129 In: 00.26.22 Out: 00.27.07 B-Roll – Holding up pajamas with Hollywood Beauty Secrets logo on them A04. HRN-2129 In: 00.36.26 Out: 00.41.39 B-Roll – Shots of the Hollywood Beauty Secrets sign and books A01. HRN-2130 In: 00.02.19 Out: 00.04.38 B-Roll – Rubbing lotion on hands then neck A01. HRN-2124 In: 01.01.08 Out: 01.01.30 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Well the name of the book is the Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, and it is certainly that. I’ve got all the most, the best inexpensive, affordable, kind of what you already have in your home or your wife or daughter or sister would already have at home, and what they can do, the women of this world, literally, to look more like the celebrities. A02. HRN-2124 In: 01.01.50 Out: 01.02.51 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Well there’s good news and bad news about writing this book. The good news was, it’s really interesting how women no matter what you’re level you’re on, if you’re getting paid 20 thousand dollars and you’re one of the biggest name celebrities in the world, or you happen to be a mail woman who works on a mail route in Detroit, Michigan. There is something that immediately puts everybody on the same playing field, and that is, I love your lipstick, what color is that? Oh you won’t believe it, I got it at Target, it was only a dollar 99. All of a sudden, everybodies exactly the same, and that’s what’s so great about being a woman. If you’re talking about beauty things, we love to share. But the bad news is that there are some very very large celebrities that we really wanted to get their beauty secrets and several of them will remain nameless in this particular story, but one celebrity took us 3 years to get the interview and she gave us 3 minutes to talk to her. So that was bad. (talks) Yeah, there ya go, you know. A03. HRN-2124 In: 01.03.09 Out: 01.04.16 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Well my favorite story, my favorite story about Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets is when my co-author Cindy Pearlman were writing it and one of our first beauty secrets was Sarah Jessica Parker, and she mentioned that she had been raised in a very poor family, that she was one of the sole providers for the family at one point in time, and that even though money was certainly not a particular issue anymore in her life, that she still could not bring herself to spending a lot of money on something that seemed so frivolous and didn’t make sense to her. So she said one of her biggest beauty tips was she would get oily here, here, here, and here, which many women can relate to in ?, and she said she would never spend 25 dollars on those expensive tissue blotting pads. What she does is she runs into the ladies room in any restaurant, pulls the toilet seat cover, the whole toilet seat down, rips a little piece of the tissue off, and dabs here, here, and here. It absorbs your makeup… it absorbs the oil and leaves the makeup in perfect place. And it’s free! So that was one of our favorites, and that kind of started the ball rolling. A04. HRN-2124 In: 01.04.31 Out: 01.05.30 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Yes, oh, there were about 2 or 3 that seemed so ordinary, like why didn’t I think of that. Terri Hatcher, who plays on Desperate Housewives, she told us that she often times takes some little sentiments, the bottom of the um red wine, she’s at a party, and everything settles to the bottom after a few hours in a bottle of wine, and you also have little leftover bits of wine in bottles, and she takes that and she pours it in a bath and she sits in a bath of red wine, and it plumps up your skin, softens the skin, and smells pretty good too. I thought, Boy, why didn’t I think of that? Queen Latifa told us that her auntie for many many years ago had told her to take a little bit of baking soda out of the fridge, everybody has baking soda to absorb oils, and she puts a little bit of that to her regular cleanser and uses that as an exfoliant all over her face. Now it’s about what a dollar 99 at the grocery store and you probably got it in the fridge anyway… why not? A02. HRN-2129 In: 00.21.08 Out: 00.21.34 B-Roll – Holding up baking soda A05. HRN-2124 In: 01.06.00 Out: 01.06.36 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Queen Latifah has amazing skin, but she definitely was not your typical Hollywood cover girl when she first came on the scene. She was kind of a rapper, she had her whole street thing going on, she really wasn’t into walking the red carpet, being this glamorous. I don’t think she felt she couldn’t be the glamorous side of Hollywood and I think it is wonderful how Hollywood has embraced her, and you see her on the red carpet in her gorgeous gowns, she’s a full sized girl, she doesn’t hide it, she wears it with pride, and I think many women can relate to that. It’s wonderful that we see so many sides of her. A06. HRN-2124 In: 01.06.47 Out: 01.07.13 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Jennifer Aniston has a great one that we found out. There’s a local grocery store that’s throughout the United States that’s called Trader Joes, and they have a lavender scrub that you can get for oh maybe about 5 dollars, and Jennifer Aniston says that after her shower or before her shower she will put on this lavender scrub, and it gives her that beautiful glow. And I thought, how easy, and 5 dollars, we can look like a friend. A07. HRN-2124 In: 01.07.18 Out: 01.07.52 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones, she is flawless, really that gorgeous, porcelain Welch skin and the jet black hair, and she tells us that her routine is very very simple. She does have 2 small children, but she says no matter what, she must have her 8 to 10 hour sleep, and she is a very disciplined woman, and I think discipline is a big key thr… and I think discipline is another really big key that we saw throughout the book, almost every actress was very disciplined about the certain things in their life and it reflected. A08. HRN-2124 In: 01.08.24 Out: 01.08.59 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Cameron Diaz is great, because you know she is often times photographed and is very free about saying that she does not have perfect skin, that she needs to work on it, so she would talk about sometimes putting potato peels on her face that there’s something in the potato that helps pull out some of the acne and the impurities, and also she talks about how important makeup is to her to sometimes cover when she’s having a breakout. And again, so many younger women can relate to and those of us who are over 40 and still find out that we breakout. A09. HRN-2124 In: 01.09.07 Out: 01.09.37 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Beyonce is another one, much like J Lo that has that gorgeous glowing skin, no matter what her you see her in, the strapless, the sleeveless, the strappy dresses, she’s just got this gorgeous skin. So we had to know of course what it was, and she said one of her tricks is that she goes to the grocery store and gets brown sugar, mixes it with a little bit of her body or shower lotion, takes it in the shower and just scrubs with brown sugar. And again, brown sugar, very affordable, any local grocery store, and you can get the Beyonce glow. A10. HRN-2124 In: 01.10.15 Out: 01.11.28 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Well in the beauty book we go through everything from the skin, the hair, the body, nails, everything. We’re touching on all parts of the body so that we feel good from the inside and the out, and one thing women talked a lot about was taking care of their hair, and it was really interesting to find out how little women in the industry spend on the commercial hair products and how they use olive oil, they use coconut oil, which is another, especially in some of the um, especially in some of the Latin areas, so many especially in some of the Latin countries, where we’ve got these great secrets were coconut oil, palm nut oil. Christen Davis from Sex and the City talks about palm nut and coconut oil and they just lather the oil on their hair for about maybe 2 or 3 hours before they’re going to go into the shower for that red carpet event late in the evening, and it just tends to give such a great shine. And that’s another thing we loved about finding these secrets, because you really can get these ingredients that are healthy, that are natural, and are so affordable, and not have to go and pay those commercial prices A01. HRN-2129 In: 00.20.22 Out: 00.21.02 B-Roll – Jar of coconut oil A11. HRN-2124 In: 01.11.52 Out: 01.12.57 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Well many celebrities will come up to us or their publicists, or maybe a makeup artist, and say, Oh we loved your book, but you know what, but you didn’t mention, and off the top of my head I was thinking like Janice Dickinson’s makeup artist said, you know Janice Dickinson is great, whenever she is wanting to feel very firm and go out to an event and want to look like she’s just had a facial or just gotten something done, she’ll take some plain yogurt, very cold, out of the fridge, and just put a layer of plain vanilla yogurt all over your face and it just helps to clear everything out, make the pours a little smaller, and you have that fresh glow. Another one that one of the celebrity makeup artists told us is a secret that many celebrities do right before going on a red carpet event. Just to tighten everything and keep those pores really really small, and so the makeup goes on better, is taking egg whites, so you just crack an egg, get the egg whites only, put it on your face with maybe a little brush, keep it on for 15 minutes, go in the shower and then your face is all like tight and firm and looking good. A04. HRN-2130 In: 00.20.45 Out: 00.21.31 B-Roll – Yogurt being scooped out of bottle then put in bowl A01. HRN-2131 In: 00.00.28 Out: 00.04.29 B-Roll – yogurt getting scooped out of jar into little bowl, yogurt getting mixed up, getting scooped into bowl, yogurt in bowl A02. HRN-2130 In: 00.09.01 Out: 00.12.09 B-Roll – Egg whites, shots of eggs, breaking eggs and letting only the egg white get in the bowl, mixing up the egg whites a bit and dipping fingers into it A03. HRN-2130 In: 00.12.10 Out: 00.13.40 B-Roll – Girl putting egg whites on face A12. HRN-2124 In: 01.13.03 Out: 01.13.21 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas My husband who happens to be on a soap opera, The Young and the Restless, he’s around all of this all the time and he just thinks I’m crazy when he comes home, and I’ve got avocado in my hair, and egg yolk on my face and um coconut oil on my chest, he’s like What? You look like a salad, what are you doing? A01. HRN-2129 In: 00.20.22 Out: 00.21.02 B-Roll – Jar of coconut oil A02. HRN-2130 In: 00.09.01 Out: 00.12.09 B-Roll – Egg whites, shots of eggs, breaking eggs and letting only the egg white get in the bowl, mixing up the egg whites a bit and dipping fingers into it A03. HRN-2130 In: 00.12.10 Out: 00.13.40 B-Roll – Girl putting egg whites on face A13. HRN-2124 In: 01.13.59 Out: 01.16.56 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Writing our second book, the Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets was a lot more difficult than the first because women are very willing to share their favorite lipstick color for a dollar 99 down at the local drug store, or their favorite skin lotion. But when you get to weight, this is what we found with the diet book. None of the publicists, none of the celebrities, and even the trainers and the coaches for fitness, they all started by saying, well, so and so’s never dieted. Well, Janie Doe, she doesn’t need to watch her weight, she’s just naturally thin. Um Sally, and it didn’t matter how big the celebrity was, or how up and coming they were, the publicists all wanted to stress, and the celebrities themselves, I never diet. And I have to be honest with you, I felt that that was a little bit of a disservice to the women of the world that watch them, because we all watch the red carpet and we see how slim and trim they are, and we think oh gosh, you know, how come I can’t be like that, how come it’s so easy for Gisele who tells us that she eats pizza, two pieces of cheese pizza before she walks out in her underwear on Victoria’s Secret runway, on the Victoria’s Secret runway, how can that be? I can barely have you know a stick of sugar free gum without getting bloated in my stomach, so that seemed to be a little bit of a disservice and we had to really delve to find out the truth. We went to nutritionists to the stars, we went again back to the trainers, back to the publicists, and said, ok, so if Jamie never diets, but she always looks so great, what is her regular routine then? And that’s where we started to find out that it was you know 8 glasses of water a day. Eva Longoria works out on the hills and does 6 days of cardio. Many of the celebrities, their only choice of vegetable is asparagus because it’s a natural diuretic. Matthew McConaughey brushes his teeth up to 10 times a day so that he can, many of the female celebrities follow suit with the sugar free gum, because it will take away the cravings for a little while. There was another tip that we learned from some of the celebrities and that was take the Listerine breath strips, put it on their tongue, if they’re having a craving, it tends to numb the taste buds for about 15 seconds, so it may get you past that desert tray, or the bread basket for a couple of seconds. So it’s all these little tricks that they do to almost help themselves self-consciously and it did teach my co-author Cindy Pearlman and I how diligent they are about their weight. It isn’t something that they go on a diet a week or 2 before the red carpet. If you have a reunion or a wedding that you and your wife are going to, they don’t do that, they do it every day, 365 days a year, and they’re constantly coming up with new tricks to trick themselves, to make them go further, to make them be more disciplined. A05. HRN-2130 In: 00.31.48 Out: 00.32.10 B-Roll – Drinking out of bottled water A14. HRN-2124 In: 01.17.08 Out: 01.17.45 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Jessica Alba told us that when she was on Dark Angel, which was one of her first series on television, that she worked out up to 2 sometimes even 4 hours a day, and she was very heavy on protein, very light on carbs. After she left the series, she said she really slackened off. Even though I don’t see it, even though she’s pregnant, you barely could see even before she was pregnant any change, but she did say you know that there is that vicious cycle of being almost overly cardio, and that she’s calmed down a little bit, she’s found certain exercise routines that are more like yoga that aren’t quite as hard on the body. A15. HRN-2124 In: 01.18.01 Out: 01.18.30 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas So Michelle Pfeiffer is one of our true Hollywood royalty beauties. You know she’s past 50 and she looks absolutely exquisite. She’s still working as much as she wants to in the business, and she’s someone that talks a lot about striking balance. She left inner Hollywood if you will, she’s on the outskirts of Hollywood, and she lives with her 2 children and her husband and she really finds balance in her life to be her secret, and I think that’s really important as well. A16. HRN-2124 In: 01.18.40 Out: 01.19.01 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Heidi Klum works out and has a great workout program. I met her trainer on several occasions. According to Heidi Klum’s people, she never diets and she just has this great metabolism and she’s also a supermodel so I guess in that supermodel arena, they just win that genetic pool. What can I tell ya? A17. HRN-2124 In: 01.19.10 Out: 01.19.40 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Vanessa Williams we all love on Ugly Betty, and she’s anything but ugly. She’s over 40, very proud of it, had 4 children. Again, so many things that women can relate to. And she says that she works out very hard, she does a lot of pilattes, very disciplined again about her diet, high in protein, low in carbs. But she says she definitely has those periods where she slackens off, just eats what the kids eat, goes to the parties, hangs out, and I think that’s really refreshing to hear as well. A19. HRN-2124 In: 01.19.48 Out: 01.20.25 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman actually told us an interesting one. They said that when they’re doing a movie and they’re sitting on the set, craft services is there, which we can all relate to the temptations that are in our daily life, whether it’s with your children or at a birthday party, they said that one of their tricks is that they sit on the set and they knit, and how knitting helps them is that it keeps their hands busy and it keeps them away from the craft services table, and I thought that was really interesting how whatever is a hobby in your life how it can keep your hands busy and not maybe dipping into potato chips at night. Just knitting. Knit me a sweater, Julia, why not? A20. HRN-2124 In: 01.20.33 Out: 01.21.04 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Well Halle you know had her first child after the age of 40, so she says that, so before she was pregnant we spoke with Heidi, we spoke with Halle, before she got pregnant we spoke with Halle and she’s another one that is very intense about her workouts. You know she’s not a super tall girl, she’s more of the petite size, and she works out very diligently, a lot of cardio, working out six days a week, has a private trainer, and is very very disciplined. A21. HRN-2124 In: 01.21.18 Out: 01.21.56 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Eat Your Way to the A-List is just basically a chapter about all of the particular foods that these women on the A-list, we always would hear through the grapevine what they were doing or through themselves or through their nutritionist, and that is one trick is that they use a lot of benefiber. You know benefiber is just a tasteless, odorless, dissolves immediately powder that you can put on your yogurt, in your cereal, in your tea, in your water, and what it does is it tends to make the celebrities feel a little fuller, fills you up more, so you don’t get hungry as fast and you don’t absorb as many, and you digest as many calories. A04. HRN-2130 In: 00.20.45 Out: 00.21.31 B-Roll – Yogurt being scooped out of bottle then put in bowl A01. HRN-2131 In: 00.00.28 Out: 00.04.29 B-Roll – yogurt getting scooped out of jar into little bowl, yogurt getting mixed up, getting scooped into bowl, yogurt in bowl A05. HRN-2130 In: 00.31.48 Out: 00.32.10 B-Roll – Drinking out of bottled water A22. HRN-2124 In: 01.22.04 Out: 01.22.28 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Lemon in the water, almost across the board, just about every celebrity did that. I think it either just adds that little extra taste to the water so they don’t reach for the soda. There was another one, cinnamon, a lot of sprinkling cinnamon on coffee, on yogurts, on cereals, on even salads believe it or not. Again it was like certain things like… A05. HRN-2130 In: 00.31.48 Out: 00.32.10 B-Roll – Drinking out of bottled water A04. HRN-2130 In: 00.20.45 Out: 00.21.31 B-Roll – Yogurt being scooped out of bottle then put in bowl A01. HRN-2131 In: 00.00.28 Out: 00.04.29 B-Roll – yogurt getting scooped out of jar into little bowl, yogurt getting mixed up, getting scooped into bowl, yogurt in bowl A01. HRN-2134 In: 00.27.45 Out: 00.28.08 B-Roll – Coconut and lemon on plate A01. HRN-2133 In: 00.19.14 Out: 00.23.41 B-Roll – Slicing up a lemon and it just chillin on the plate A23. HRN-2124 In: 01.22.54 Out: 01.23.29 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Another one was asparagus. Almost everyone across the board said that their favorite vegetable that they consumed the most of was asparagus because that is a natural diuretic and it helps with water retention, so there’s a little secret. And last but not least, many of the celebrities across the board said they loved or they ate licorice, black licorice to be specific whenever they would have a sweet craving, because it would dull their sweet craving, but it also moves things through you. Licorice is a natural mover, and so that was kind of interesting too, you’re not gonna keep things in your system so long. A05. HRN-2130 In: 00.31.48 Out: 00.32.10 B-Roll – Drinking out of bottled water A24. HRN-2124 In: 01.23.42 Out: 01.24.40 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Over 40 is a big thing in Hollywood, because no one wants to admit they’re over 40. And it is amazing how many actresses have been working for 30 years, but they still haven’t reached 40. I don’t know how that happens, but they never do, no one reaches 40 here. So 40 we call the F word in Hollywood, and anybody that was honest enough to admit to us that they were over 40, they talked about how your rear end tends to droop. Like gravity just takes force and you droop. So many of our over 40 beautiful ladies here would say that they do a lot of palates, a lot of doing the stairs. They run the Santa Monica stairs just to make sure everything’s lifted. And just a little insiders secret, don’t tell me, don’t tell anyone I told you, Spanks is a girl’s best friend. There’s also a new line by Victoria’s Secret, and what they are, you’re maybe looking at like what in the world is she talking about. Spanks is a modernized girdle that sucks everything in and pulls it up and keeps it right where it’s supposed to be. A25. HRN-2124 In: 01.24.51 Out: 01.25.39 Sound Bite: Kym Douglas Well this has been such a gift. The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets and now we are starting our third book in the franchise called The Black Book of Hollywood Pregnancy and Mom Secrets, so my co-author Cindy Pearlman and I have interviewed so far Halle Berry, with her new baby, Jennifer Lopez with her twins, Katie Holmes who wants another baby, and Christina Aguilera, so we’re on the road to finding out all of their great secrets to looking so slim right after having the baby, what they do, how much help they have, what they do hands on, how they balance it all, and I think it should be something that many of the women across the country and across the world could relate to, and we’re hoping that we’ll have maybe another 5 or 10 books in the Black Book series.