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STS-81568 @ 20:11:21
NEWSFEED: 10/4/05 HISTORICAL, CULT, CRIME SCENE, FIREMEN TRAINING, RAMADAN IN EGYPT, GREAT CHILD-IN-WELL RESCUE WITH HAPPY ENDING ;10/5/1986 PLANE DOWN IN NICARAGUA Sandinistas escorting Eugene Hasenfus, Sandinistas looking at plane wreck ;10/5/1994 MURDER SUICIDE CULT removing bodies, charred bldg, article with picture of Luc Jouret, police arrive at large house ;Int man opens secret panel in wall...very cultish chapel, chalice ;PAKISTAN TALIBAN SPOKESMAN ARRESTED NX hotel (looks like a casino), man greeting guests ;NYC WORKER FALLS OFF BRIDGE rescue workers lingering on banks, ambulance driving away ;PHILADELPHIA BURNING BODY Dusk/NX crime scene, DX crime scene ;FDNY NEW SAFETY ROPES squadron of firefighters marching by, firefighters training with ropes & harness ;Fire engine parked on snowy street, charred apt bldg (1/23 Bronx fire). MEXICO STORMS fallen tree, flooding ;Dusk storm approaching, boys surrounded by dogs, pushing amputee on wheelchair, military truck, pelicans in flight ;KATRINA IL NEW ORLEANS COUPLE MARRIES black couple wedding ceremony, leaving church ;NY TANKER TRUCK FIRE Aerial accident aftermath, firefighters hosing roaring flames of fuel tanker in snow or foam- line 19 ;CA ARSON SUSPECT ARRESTED Aerial officer escorting man along trail. SC FUEL CELL CAR Hydrogen vehicle sponsored by shell; TX ENERGY RATE INCREASE kids playing on porch, t/h (I love the way he says 'Mr.Bush'), row of electricity meters ;Nice neighborhood, Dusk porch light turns on, restaurant kitchen scenes, putting pizza in box, electricity meters ; EGYPT STUDENT ON RAMADAN outdoor market brass goods, man making lamp, street scenes, vendors, Dusk outdoor restaurant ;LA RED CROSS DEBIT CARDS NX evacuees in line, DX line moving...Int Red Cross workers dealing with evacuees ;KATRINA CA 8 ARRESTED IN SCAM NX woman handcuffed in parking lot, DX donation booth outside A.C.S. bldg ;NY TANKERS COLLIDE Dusk Aerial truck accident aftermath, drifts of foam flame retardant, still hosing down vehicles ;AL GOV ROY MOOR CAMPAIGNS that's it, photo-op with black man, boarding private jet ;CA WOMAN ELECTROCUTED factory, mess below electric meters, NX firefighter sweeping up, electrocution Warning sign ;KATRINA LA DEALERSHIP LOSES CARS woman gets into SUV at car dealership, row of SUVs, Int dealership garage ;Storm damage, missing ceiling tiles, storm damaged cars with broken windows & full of debris, rows of cars ; CA CHILD RESCUE Aerial emergency workers around well (wells are child magnets), freed child is doing well ;RITA TX WAITING FOR ELECTRICITY broken sign, fuel tanker truck goes by, fallen tree, fallen power line ;Polk County Court house. CA SUV SALES DOWN American auto dealership signs, SUVs & Hummers in lot, gas station scenes ;WI WORLD DAIRY EXPO county fair meets convention, 4-H type livestock shows & booths ;VA PIT BULL ATTACK bouquet on lawn, cute farm house,dog in cage, cage in yard, vets examining dog, pushing gurney to medivac; CLINTON VISITS NEW ORLEANS motorcade approaching, Clinton speaking ;WA FISH PLANE Salmon on passenger plane, this'll boost salmon sales for sure. Funding this was ok with that mean Ted Stevens ;Crowd of spectators...To add injury to insult, a man comes out of the plane and throws entire fish at the crowd; Boy holding up a fish, boxes of fish coming off plane. OR PEAT IN COURT hearing with judge, leaving courthouse ;TX VEHICLE ID CLONING cars in lot, Honda logo, V.I.N. on dash. LA KATRINA CLINTON meeting evacuees, Blanco ;KATRINA LA NAGIN LAY OFFS LS park lane, modern bldgs, Nagin speech, City Hall, drive by flooded city street ;GUATEMALA FLOODS FOLLOW HURRICANE STAN herding cattle down flooded road, men using ropes to ford river, woman walking with kids ;Man swimming in river, chickens roosting, men fording river. KATRINA LA MAYOR NAGIN ON LAYOFFS speech; WA HIGH SPEED CHASE Aerial man gets out of car, stealing another, car on fwy swerves & causes accident, driving on shoulder ;Aerial driving off-road right thru fence & skidding around, driving like a weenie on street, civilian purposely rear-ends him ;Aerial- finally, police pursuit- doesn't last long, car stops in driveway & driver gets out & is arrested without a fuss ;LINDSAY LOHAN CAR CRASH Aerial auto accident aftermath, luxury car vs minivan ;
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