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STS-30141-D @ 01:07:27
1970S FILM STRIP ON SPREAD OF CITIES AND SUBURBS, POLLUTION, FOCUS ON NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY ;President Nixon state of the union intercut with images of pollution and urbanization, graffiti, garbage ;Aerial NYC, Aerial New haven Connecticut, angler holding catch, garbage dump, Aerial houses in New England countryside ;A TOWN MEETING ON ENVIRONMENT HOW FINE A PLACE? Our host, Cliff Robertson...a citizen advisory committee! ;Robertson hawking 'How to Save Urban America', lake, kids swimming in pool, kids playing with fire hydrant, crowded sidewalk ;Window shoppers look at shoe store, abandoned car, Aerial park between hi-rises, shabby old townhouse, kids in ghetto ;Laundry hanging outside hi-rise, litter, crowded sidewalk, taxi cabs, construction, T/L construction workers (amusing) ;Power plant, pov driving in traffic jam, fwy traffic, garbage dump, Aerial sprawling factory, big houses with huge yards ;Male nurse holding newborn baby, Aerial urban sprawl, Charleston, W.Virginia peds & traffic, family going for a walk ;Adults chat at picnic table, peds, old factory smokestacks, it's Patterson, New Jersey, women typing in office, bldg with rotunda; Old church, traffic, peds, construction site, street scenes, billboards, ski lift, Pan Am passenger plane t/o ;Venice, Italy Piazzetta San Marco, parents take girl toy shopping, drive-by Amoco gas station, shops along hwy ;Huge car turning into huge driveway of huge house, kids swimming in pool, Newark slums, junk on side of hwy ;Smokestacks, NYC buried in smog, man looking from roof of hi-rise, tires washed up on beach, water in ditch ;According to the subtitle- scenes from 'The City' B/W smokestacks ;Aerial NYC on clear day, brick factory, sewage treatment plant, pipe emptying into river, old man walking dogs along shore; Junk on beach, sewage treatment plant, dredging bay, junk on beach, dead fish on beach, 'This Water Unsafe For Bathing' ;Layer of scum on water, poking stick in sludge, refinery, freight train with tanks for liquid, refinery, pipe draining into stream ;City peds & traffic, smokestack belching thick grey smoke, man using jackhammer, city traffic jam, people chatting on sidewalk ;Aerial industrial area, sewage treatment tanks, smoke rising over city skyline, smoggy NYC ;Electrical grid, transformers, Amtrak train, man looking at tv set in store, people looking at appliances, woman with long hair ;Aerial mtn along Hudson River, nuclear power plant, smokestacks, woman baking in toaster oven, microwave ;Air conditioners in windows of hi-rise, garbage dump, street sweepers, garbage truck, throwing peels down garbage disposal ;Water bubbling in sewage treatment plant, incinerator smokestacks, garbage dump, Aerial NYC, Aerial wetland preserve ;P-In apt bldg, garbage truck, garbage collectors, woman emptying grocery bag, separating products from packaging ;Aerial New Jersey city, man watering tree in park, Aerial houses with spacious yards, forest between suburbs ;Aerial hwy thru countryside, Aerial new suburb, family hanging out in front yard, cute houses in Bradbur, New Jersey ;Aerial houses in 'cluster development', kids playing in park, riding bikes, Washington Heights brick hi-rises ;Park in plaza between modern hi-rises, artificial waterfall in Paley Park, fountain below modern skyscrapers in Manhattan, WTC? ;Aerials- peninsula, open countryside, houses, suburb, hi-rises along park, Breezy Point abandoned partially-built hi-rises ;Aerial coastal mtn, New Jersey palisades, Marlborough orchards, farmhouse, grapes on vine, apple on tree, Aerial forest ;'Point Lookout', park bldgs, kids playing on riverbank, people chatting outside abandoned house, drive-by park ;People sitting on park bench, Aerial hi-rise & stadium in 'the Bronx', Aerial city along river, hazy skyscrapers ;Aerial harbor facing Statue of Liberty, construction site, RXR tracks along river, hi-rise under construction ;Kids on swingset, P-In fallen waste bin, broken park bench, kids playing in spacious park, jungle gym, Aerial ferry ;