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FJ-HRN-530 @ 03:02:29
HRN-530 NASCAR Sony 500 Tape 3
A02. HRN-530 In: 03.02.30 Out: 03.17.15 Sound Bite: Dick Glover – Vice President Broadcasting and Media for NASCAR One of the things that we look to do is to figure out how we can bring our audience to the entertainment and media landscape and bring the entertainment and media companies to our audience. The NASCAR fans are particularly loyal to sponsors, to sponsors products and so as we can move forward with High tech technology companies with entertainment companies, with media properties we can expose those properties to our audience and fans scope them up and buy them. Hopefully there buying a lot of high definition televisions and those are Sonys tv’s (talks) In: 03.03.28 Out: 03.04.36 That unlike any other sport on the playing field a sponsor can be present. In fact to our fans if a car goes out without a sponsor they’re upset that’s not what there used to where as in other sports when sponsorship shows up on the playing field people are not used to it and it’s not a successful platform to market. Therefore movies which are looking for ways to find new audiences, television shows that looking for ways to let the audience no the shows coming out they find the car is a wonderful place to sponsor and get there message out so we have as you say According to Jim is on a car this week that the Sopranos had a car earlier this season the movie cars, the movie click, star wars had a number of cars a couple of years ago and Im sure there a bunch more I cant remember specifically of the top of my head here. But they find out that that when you do that low and behold people go out and buy a ticket they want to see the movie because of the loyalty of the Nascar fans. (talks) In: 03.04.56 Out: 03.06.21 Well for us our business is to put on fabulous sporting events, great competition on the track. When then you say ok we wanna build four movie screens in that same venue we wanna project movies you wanna do it its quite a challenge because can and wont do anything that would detract from the driving. So if somebody said gee lets puts a screen up in turn two and all of a sudden a driver couldn’t see from turn two to turn three because there’s a movie screen obviously that is something we would never do. Likewise if a screen was going to black the view of race control of the track we wouldn’t permit that we need to be able to see the entire track to be able to see the competitors to be able to make sure everything is safe. So you take our needs to make sure were putting on a great event with in that case Disney’s need to do a spectacular premiere, you know the worlds largest outdoor theatre if you will. There obviously challenges but what you always do in that situation is you start to meet well in advance you figure out what everybody needs to be successful you work together and you end up with what you saw you know a very exciting night. Of course one thing that none of us can control that we all try is why would it choose to rain on such a particular night because that’s the one that gets beyond our planning (talks) In: 03.06.32 Out: 03.07.23 You know again what we hope to gain is to just be part of a wonderful event that to have you know the stars of the movie, the people from Disney, John Lasseter and the people from Pixar all at an event and one of our facilities and NASCAR track is just very exciting for us. Its something we were very thrilled to do, the second thing that we were incredibly happy about was that it raised money for charity and its not something that’s talked about a lot, its something that people do publicly but a lot of money was raised for charity the Victory Junction Gang our charity and the number of Disney charities so that was great. And then third just the fact that it united that audience for a movie like Cars with an audience like NASCAR we think is good for us, good for the movie, good for the fans. (talks) In: 03.07.35 Out: 03.08.00 Were always thrilled to have like an icon Paul Newman show up if you were riding a bicycle with a rain drops keep falling on my head from Butch Cassidy you know so it was just a thrill for us to have him there to then have the cars from the movie and to have him it it obviously everybody was very very excited, it was a big night as you saw. (talks) In: 03.08.31 Out: 03.09.26 Yeah first and foremost the credit for the success of Talladega Nights go to Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, the crew and the Sony Marketing and distribution people not to Nascar believe me. That they just made a terrifically funny film and marketed it well and distributed it all those things. So we don’t kid ourselves I said earlier we stage great motor sports competition you know we don’t make movies, that they were gracious enough to include us in a process where an idea we might have sparked some of there creative juices, so much the better and so yeah there were a couple of things from the movie that may have started with a suggestion from NASCAR something of that sort but were not foolish enough to think that we contributed much on the creative side (talks) In: 03.09.46 Out: 03.10.39 One of the things which was very important to the filmmakers was that it be a realistic depiction in a comedic sense so when you saw racing it was real racing it wasn’t made up on a set racing. When you saw the cars, the drivers, the garage that that was all real so when a NASCAR fan went to the movie he would say this is really NASCAR, now it’s a comedy exaggerated all of those things so that they did look to us to make sure the realism was there as much as could be in a fictional movie and they were very very respectful when we would suggest wait that would never happen that way that you need to shoot this way or that way and as a consequence I think everybody was not surprised on how funny it was I think they were surprised on how terrific the racing looked. (talks) In: 03.11.00 Out: 03.12.02 It is massive, its like moving an army where there’s already a huge army encamped that you have to plane well in advance, you have to clearly sit down with everybody because unlike any other movie set if somebody wanders where they can get run over. I mean there is a competition going on, there are people working live in the garage with you know these incredibly massive cars so you set in advance all the logistics, everybody knows where they’re going to go when and then you pull it off with a kind of like military like precision and then when people have to be at a certain spot for a certain amount of time they’re there they get there shots, they get out of the way. We then at NASCAR no at this time at this place people are going to be it’ll be safe, it’ll be the right place to be and that hours go into the planning of it and then when it comes off it comes off as planned. (talks) In: 03.12.25 Out: 03.13.17 One of the things that is very very important to NASCAR is to continue to grow that we’ve been quite fortunate that over the last several years we’ve been growing at a time for entertainment properties its very difficult to grow because there’s so many choices and we saw six years ago that there is an opportunity to mix NASCAR with Pop culture, with entertainment, with the media that’s here in La in a way that could grow NASCAR as well as expose those entrainment and media properties to a NASCAR audience and so we set up an office and our goal is to set up opportunities where it is appropriate and works for our brand our product to be married up in some way to entertainment properties, whether that is with a sponsorship on the side of a car whether that’s having a driver appear on a television show. (talks) In: 03.13.24 Out: 03.14.12 There are a bunch of things in the works nothing of specific nature to talk about like the nights of Talladega Nights a project that will be on TV a couple of months here on TV that were actually very excited about to syndicate a TV Project its called NASCAR angel and its really about taking the mechanical and technical side of Nascar to the public where Nascar performance technicians and maintenance people go out find people who some need, who have an automotive need and fulfill that need and hopefully make somebody’s life a little better. Rusty Wallace the former driver now ESPN commentator is the host of the show. It’s a something a little different for us but were actually really very very excited about it. (talks) In:03.14.23 Out: 03.15.30 The Nascar Imax 3D movie was very techniquelly challenging because the cameras that you need to shoot a 3D movie are not as simple and it requires if your doing it in 3D you want some action and that sort of thing so you want the camera in the middle of the action but its this huge camera. Good news by the way the technology in the four years that it was done the cameras are small so NASCAR Imax 3D 2 I think can be a little easier to shoot but it was very challenging to get the camera in the car, along the cars to be done. But it was a documentary about the history of NASCAR about what goes into a race, into a car and it looked at the you know from the race shops to the garage to the track and it was a very very exciting project that did well that we do anticipate within the next couple of years there will be a NASCAR Imax 3D 2 that will probably be focused on a little bit more on the action, the drivers and what athletes they are. (talks) In: 03.15.53 Out: 03.17.14 One of things which was always important because of the nature of racing and the people that grow up on it are starting from the ground up and often dad’s are mortgaging houses so kids can drive. So you get this sense of community. Second it’s a family sport, it was started by the France family a little over 50 years ago it continues to be a family owned and run sport so that it has real family values cause it really is a family sport. And then third it is managed that way. We think one of our advantages is that we are so accessible to the fan and that’s why the garage is opened up for fans and the athletes drivers are passing through you know you and me. And that’s something yes are the security concerns and you can rest a sure that we have quite sufficient and obvious security as well as some you don’t see because sure there are those concerns and we take that very very seriously. Up to this point were very very happy and pleased that the fan experience is a positive one and it’s a positive one for us inside the sport being able to do it where some other sports aren’t quite as assessable.