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STS-80658 @ 00:44:53
NEWS: APRIL 2001, MAYOR INVESTIGATION, NYSE, SCHOOL SHOOTOUT, MARIJUANA BUST, FIRES, BEATING, DAYCARE DEATH, TEEN MOM(CONVICT); TORRICELLI INVESTIGATION NJ Mayor Torricelli speaks/yells (angry); WISCONSIN FLOOD aerial flood, couple get mail from boat; INT senior man w/water to his knees, aerial flood, var ws flood area, ducks go by, talking head in boat, pan house in flood; DX male news reporter wearing rubber boot overalls in flood; MARKET TURNAROUND, CROWDS WALKING, int NYSE stock floor; DX man running in suit w/briefcase, cu NYSE stock factory machines, talkhead, men in hazmats, warehouse/factory machines; INT warehouse w/people making vans/SUV's, estb HEWLETT PACKARD int warehouse, talkhead, female reporter; UNIVERSITY MI/NAKED MILE DX hs fs crowd of people w/a line of streakers, naked men running thru, police arresting man & woman; NX African-American male & female cops, talkhead; STUNTMAN ACCIDENT photo/man by car, paramedics pull man on stretcher; DX helicopter take off, parking lot where film is taking place w/trailers; YUGOSLAVIA BLAST DX military on scene, peds; DX mother walks w/2 small children, peds, mom carries tot, Soviet army man talkhead, ambulance van; FL FIRES/SARASOTA aerial smoky scene; DUMPSTER BABY ws garbage dump, black construction worker, hi-rise bldgs in bg; DX z-in to hi-rise, black female talkhead, hs condo parking lot, female talkhead, male talkhead w/sunglasses; DAYCARE DEATH DX p-in to fence on side of middle class house, ext car pulls up, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH sign, ws street; DX SUV drive by, middle class homes, p-in to estb 'CROSSROADS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, infant care thru pre-k'; SCHOOL SHOOTOUT DX pan cones w/#'s on them @ shootout scene, talkhead, aerial of high school; POT HOUSE/GATOR FOUND; DX garage closing, ms nice 2 storyhouse, nx man carries small alligator down stairs, talkhead beware of dog sign; NX p-out nice 2 story house, cu marijuana in bags; INT NYSE bldg hs stock floorpan; PATRIOTS DAY DX OK bombing scene; DX cu man playing parade drum, PATRIOTS DAY PLAY w/people in 1800's/early 1900's costumes, female talkhead & reporter; DX shot marathon runners running, aerial Boston marathon; MARTHA MOXLEY/MICHAEL SKAKEL TRIAL/DAY 2 reporter, court drawing, estb `Elan rehab; DX Skakel walking, talkhead, reporter; WACO FIRE ws structure on fire, black smoke, fire trucks/ambulance drive to scene; DX helicopter over bldg on fire, police car driving; CONSUMER CONFIDENCE senior man jogs across street w/briefcase; INT NYSE, ext NYSE, neon lights on bldg, var aerials NYC, int office people in front of computer monitors, talkhead; DX talkhead, cu hands, tickets/credit cards, American Express card, talkheads, THE BANK OF NEW YORK, CITYBANK; DX COLDWELL BANKER sign hangs outside 2 story house, pan apt being built, talkhead, female reporter; PLANT EXPLOSION; DX aerial over aftermath of plant explosion; FL FIRES/CHARLOTTE aerial over thick clouds smoke, fire underneath, bushes; CRUCH BEATINGS black deputy lets 3 black male suspects into courtroom, ots black female investigator/witness talks; INT black female judge, black church goers; BOAT ON INTERSTATE aerial boat accident on freeway, cars pass by; BAG OF PUPPIES int hs 6 cute dalmatian puppies; BABY SLAIN blonde teen mom in court, man speaks to her, ext house, car; INT senior man talks about how/why teen mom cut baby's throat, var talkheads, teen mom; COLUMBINE REMEMBRANCE; DX large crowds gathered on grass, hugging, crying, man hugs woman, woman speaks @ podium about Columbine HS deaths; AMERICAS OLDEST WORKER shot senior man walking, BMW parks w/senior inside, int senior @ desk, senior woman...; DX senior woman gardening, cu her face, senior black woman/waitress @ McDonalds, var senior talking heads, black man talks; BUSH/CHRETIEN MEETING Bush w/Chretien shaking hands greeting people, ms cu both of them smiling for camera; INT GW Bush, Chretien & their representatives/political parties all sit down; CONCORDE UPDATE plane takes off runway, still; DX still of plane crash that caught fire, aftermath/remains on ground, man works on plane, talkhead, reporter in fg/AIR FRANCE; DX hs man walks thru crowd crying, int man looks @ photos of accident, talkhead, hs plane in sky, talkheads; DX AIR FRANCE plane on runway; COMA WOMAN father of woman in coma leaves court, woman in coma in hospital, photo/her; FL WILDFIRES firemen ambulance stand by fire ambulance truck, police cars, man sprays burned tree, talkheads; HUNLEY; INT men, factory; WILLIE B. MEMORIAL cu gorilla statue, kids, talkhead, gorillas in grass, ecu gorilla face; PLANE CRASH; DX hs plane part in forest, tractor/construction vehicle, black man talkhead witnessed tragic/fatal plane accident
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