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ARRIVING VARIOUS MOVIE AND TELEVISION, CELEBRITIES AT THE EMMY AWARDS, 2000 ; INT office, DX alley, people standing next to a parked car, people standing on red carpet w/tuxedos & gowns; DX people sitting in the stands, men w/cameras, people standing around, people in the stands yelling; DX various people in the stands, cu of 'EMMY AWARDS' sign, man w/video camera, back of woman in red gown; DX people outside the Emmy awards, men & women walking by in tuxedos & gowns; DX a man vacuuming the red carpet, Emmy visitors getting off a bus, people walking on red carpet past news reporter ; DX people in the stands clapping, hs of red carpet & people's shoes, people standing on the side of red carpet yelling; DX newscast people on the side of red carpet, men w/cameras, Hispanic female security officer standing by gate; DX female police officer standing by crowd of people waiting to get inside Emmy Awards, cu of woman Kim Cattral in gown; DX various people walking by on red carpet dressed up; DX ws lshot of helicopter in the sky, ots man holding up flash cards, couples getting out of limousine; DX couples walking on red carpet, unknown senior male celebrity walking, waving, cu of young Hispanic women sitting; DX police officer directing traffic, cu of senior man, cu of Lara Flynn Boyle, cu of dad from Frazier (John...); DX various people walking on the red carpet dressed up, cop directing traffic ; DX unknown actress/model, Gary & Penny Marshall, unknown actress( Kim Cattrall), another unknown actress, actress Michael Michelle ; DX unknown actress / model, celebrity( Patricia, Everyone Loves Raymond ), Jacqueline Bissett, male celebrity, John Lizano, celebrity( Kristen ); CU Jodie Foster, celebrities Tony, Conan O'Brien, Tina, Doris; DX Tony Clifton, celebrity Doris, Terry / Kerry, Jerry, celebrity; DX Lucy Liu, model/actress, Christina Applegate, actor, actress Gloria, celebrity Eric, celebrity Greg / Ray ;DX female celebrity, celebrity Porschia, male celebrity, male celebrity, actress Jane Krakowsky actor; CU male celebrity Stanley Tucci, male celebrity, singer Montell Jordan, female celebrity, male celebrity( Kelsy Grammar) ; DX female celebrity( Juliana ), celebrity (Hector ), male celebrity, Sara Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, actor Mathew Mconahae; DX Kathy Bates, actor Dylan, female celebrity, female celebrity, female celebrity Kelly, Michael J. Fox; DX Michael J Fox w/ Tracy, female celebrity Cameron, male celebrity from TV show Taxi, singer/model/actress Brandy Norwood; DX female celebrity, female celebrity Deborah, Traci Ullman; DX Brad Pitt w/ Jennifer Aniston ;