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THE APOLLO BOTANICAL STUDIES GOOD COLOR circa late 1960s NASA: Apollo, z-in to moon surface, cu moon's surface; astronaut takes samples of moon rocks; pov moon buggy on moon; earth rising above moon's surface; scientist in lunar lab, material gloves cases; lab tech puts the samples in refrigerator; lab techs work with plants; Houston receiving lab, circa 60; lab tech at microscope with lunar material; lunar soil sample seen under microscope; plant leaves exposed to lunar material; various experiments, algae in beakers; cu hand writes; red algae magnified; fern leaves growing in jars; seed germination; fern cultures, scientist in labs; waterfall, field of wheat, field of corn; NASA AT WORK: moon's surface, various 'The eagle has landed' astronauts on moon, one small step for mankind, footprints on moon, rocket blastoff; cu sunset radiant; solar panel, wind generator; space shuttle lands; cu moon, astronauts on moon; satellite silhouetted at sunset; room with old computers, central control; m/s half moon in sky; pov moon, eclipse of sun by earth; pov moon, earth; w/s space craft on moon; astronaut on moon; newspaper headlines re: 'walk on the moon'; spaceship flies above moon; moon in sky seen from earth