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INTERVIEW BEGINS: David Susskind And now to talk about disco and their own Saturday night fevers. I'd like you to meet my guests first. Victor Medina works in a paint store as a salesman. Carmen Pisani is a hairdresser. Jody Oliver is a professional actress. Gene Robinson works as a delivery man. Chuck Rusinak is a DJ at the 2001 Odyssey disco. Susan Rainone is a perfume salesperson, salesperson I like that. Diane Ludwig is a senior in high school. And finally Alex Marchak is studying to be a mortician. All of you are in the movie Saturday Night Fever so I take your victims of it. Yes. What? What is that fever what happens on Saturday night in that kind of place? Gene Robinson Well, Sunday night you just can't wait to get out. Alex Marchak You want to release your energy? David Susskind The energy that's been pent up all week. Because your jobs are boring. Alex Marchak Just life. let it out like some people, some people snort coke and some people, you know, some people like to just Just Dance, David Susskind party dance, party dance. Victor Medina There's been times I mean store and put on radio and paint store. I dance right there. Some big thing to me when I go over somebody else's house like if I go to their house I say, Let's get together, see if we could get some new turns. Relax David Susskind when you're in a disco and the music is going in the lights and all of that stuff. Are you transported? Are you no longer a paint salesman? Jody Oliver You forget about anything and everything David Susskind You do? Forget it. Victor Medina I'm dancing. The same way, he's a DJ, he's a light man. on the floor? Jody Oliver You're in your own world? Do you just let all your emotions go and you pour everything into your dancing and you project an exhibit yourself to the best way you can while you're on that dance floor. While you hear that music? Gene Robinson Surely build yourself up. You only want to show people you can do and you will have fun when you hear that music. Everybody is in their own mind. David Susskind Do you go alone? Or do you go as couples? You go as a couple once a week, twice a week? Alex Marchak Well, it depends what you know. Depends what kind of mood she's in or David Susskind which one are you talking about. Oh that's your couple, right? Diane Ludwig Just depends if we have other things to do. We'll step down the Odyssey later and dance. We go to the movies we go out to eat first. Whatever's going on in town we might go see that most of the time. At the end of the night. We went up in the Odyssey dancing, we meet our friends there. And it's very comfortable atmosphere there. Jody Oliver usually Friday nights or like single nights clubs and Saturday nights a couple nights. David Susskind Oh, wait a second. You as a couple. Would you leave her home on a Friday night? Are you a couple? Victor Medina I'm a couple and I think I would leave a home on a Friday. David Susskind Is that the other piece? Victor Medina That's my parter. That's my one and only David Susskind Wait a minute. you leave her home Friday is why. Victor Medina Friday to me. He's a solo night Carmen Pisani Friday is his night. If I want to go out I go out. But I go to school all week long. Victor Medina She wants to wait for me. David Susskind She wants to wait for you? I know you're living another age. When you know he's out at the disco on Friday. You're sitting there sewing twiddling your thumbs are you out having a good time Victor Medina I think she falls asleep Carmen Pisani Either I fall asleep my house is like a disco David Susskind are you jealous? Carmen Pisani No. I used to. Forget it. David Susskind used to get jealous. You'd be through. You take her what night? Victor Medina Saturday night. I'd say a couple night. Sport night David Susskind I saw the dancing at the beginning of the show that you did. And the other couples and it's very sensual. very sexual. Alex Marchak Its pride pride pride the way you look for it the way you know the way you look. Your appearence who dress Diane Ludwig It's a competition I think it's like one couple wants to try and do better than the next couple you want to practice you want to do you know the best you can on the dance floor you want other people to look to and say hey, that guy's good dancer. David Susskind Chuck Rusinak, talk about it. I mean, do you feel a kind of euphoria out there Chuck Rusinak Well I'm in a different position because on the being the DJ. I'm more or less taking it all in. And rather than being a part of it, you know, at the end of the night, I get on the floor myself David Susskind He's a judge. You learn what? Victor Medina Just from watching the people alone. Dancing David Susskind You learn what other stuff? Oh, I see you learn other steps you don't learn about other people's characters. Personality. Victor Medina Just you can learn that step. Once you got it in you just look and you wouldn't have to go to any of these dance studios. I know I never did David Susskind about it sensuality. Do you get heated up? I mean, do you think at the end of the evening? Yeah. I'm I'm ready to take this girl home if I if I knew where home was Gene Robinson always a challenge. You build yourself up with all that confidence to sweep a girl off her feet. You're always trying to show David Susskind Well, when you twirl her around, Bender over and right. When do you know you own her? Gene Robinson Just about when she's real close to you David Susskind when she meets you every week. Victor Medina She'll call you up and tell you I am I gonna be at the club this weekend. Come down. I'll say Yeah, maybe. And find me today I'll go with somebody else. David Susskind Boy you're cruel. Gloria Steinem. Your using them as a sex item? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The other half of your couples says Yeah. How long does it take you to prepare for the evening? Gene Robinson It takes me about an hour, an hour all week I can't wait till Friday comes or Saturday. When Saturday comes. Once you get in there Victor Medina Sometimes it takes me all day David Susskind all day? Victor Medina all day to get ready, go shoping. wash the car. David Susskind Shop for what? Victor Medina clothes for shoes, whatever. That's what mostly I spend my money on. Clothes. Yeah. David Susskind So you're shopping for shoes, right? Then you're doing polishing the car Victor Medina polishing the car making that Saturday, Friday. Right? Make it look clean. It's been turned. That's what he spends his day or we would call him up and say, Where's Alex? Alex would wax in the car. Right? Alex Marchak That's one thing in the movie that I was really dissatisfied about the way he was such you know, a superstar like, you know, Travolta was a Disco King. I think he should have had, you know, he should have had a nice car. So, you know, you know, parading down like, Well, we do 86 stree where all foxes, you know, on a Saturday afternoon are all thrown back and forth. You know, that was like, anybody who talked from Brooklyn. So the way it is, I mean, a Saturday actually going down and checking out the girls for the night. So when they go to the club at night, they say that's the girl and so on 86th street they will move into a niche so like that, you know, the way it was not like the way it was a Hollywood movie the way it was? Wasn't really true. Diane Ludwig I think the guys take a lot of pride in their cars. I think even like as much as their dressing. I know. He spends most of his day waxing his car, you ride down the blocks and there they all are out with the polish on the car. Really, it's like getting as though they were getting dressed. They have to dress their car also. David Susskind In other words before the dance before the night come you are going up and down the avenue. Alex Marchak No not me Friends, you know David Susskind I mean your car and you Alex Marchak Yeah my car? Yeah. Well the other guys cars David Susskind your other women parading up and down? Alex Marchak Well, the parading in a sense going through stores buying things you know, and you checking them out. David Susskind But you got a girl? Alex Marchak I'm not saying me. That's the act of Bensonhurst or Bayridge or 86 street. That's what's going on? that's the true. You know the true scene. Not the Hollywood Scene. David Susskind What about the women? How much preparation? Are you beauty parlor? Are you getting? Carmen Pisani No Just whatever you have or get something new. Just stay home fixing your hair. getting ready to go out Jody Oliver yeah, usually takes me about two hours to get ready for only the time it takes David Susskind Wait a minute. why does it take you two hours. What are you doing? Jody Oliver I have to dry my hair. I don't use a blower. I just let it dry naturally. Right. So it takes like two hours before it's dry. David Susskind Then the eyes. the mascara Jody Oliver getting ready takes me like 15 minutes, just the hair Victor Medina Like my girlfriend would get dressed and take about three or four hours. Let's say this only takes what man 20 minutes to get dressed, shower, shave whatever you had to do. And you'd be waiting around the suit beyond and we'd be sweating. By the end of the day you will sweat it up ready to go into the disco old sweat it up. You know feel right? We go into disco. When you go into a disco you want to feel fresh? You've started from the beginning. David Susskind Right? How many hours do you put in? What time you get there? Victor Medina You get there about 10. Right? And I would stay the longest I could. If it would go on to the next day I think I would stay Alex Marchak The later it gets the more the more active. You can get like mean by three four in the morning. Chuck's got a turn the music off whatever and everybody just hit turn the music off. Victor Medina But the music has been happy times when you know a lot of people stood late and they say come on Chuck just keep playing it. Yeah, everybody get to Jody Oliver Yeah it's surpring though. The crowd seems to get much larger around one or two in the morning at a disco. I mean like 10 o'clock you walk into places empty at one o'clock all of a sudden you have mobs you know mobs coming in, and it's much it's packed. You can't move on the dance floor. It's a pleasure to dance earlier, but a lot more difficult to dance later on. Gene Robinson The combination of like people going out more enthusiastic the crowd is the better it's gonna be. David Susskind Is it true that most of you live at home? No, you have your own place. Yes, . You live at home, you Victor Medina No I live by myself. Carmen Pisani I live with my mother David Susskind You live with your mother Carmen Pisani sisters and brother. David Susskind What is their attitude toward your creeping in exhausted four or five in the morning? Carmen Pisani It don't bother them as long as I'm alright. Victor Medina You got the good excuse. Well, they were they know that she's with a good man Jody Oliver I know when I left home I used to have one o'clock curfew. a one o'clock curfew when I lived home. So I moved out because nothing ever happened till one o'clock. Jody Oliver I have a very early curfew also David Susskind you're in high school. Diane Ludwig Right And my father's quite strict on that he gives me all the curfews, but I still can't say that I don't enjoy it. I still have very good time. Even if I have to be home one two o'clock. I enjoy it just as much as I would if I had to stay later David Susskind But he only springs in the Real Glory at three, four. No, no, I Diane Ludwig No, no, I wouldn't say that. I I think we have a good time all night. I wouldn't say that, you know, places dead until three, four. I think all night. We have very good time. What time we leave. Well, you know, it doesn't really matter. Because you could still enjoy yourself. Even if you have to be home at one two o'clock. David Susskind Susan, are you with us? Okay, yes. You agree with me this? Are you living at home alone? Susan Rainone No I'm living at home David Susskind You're living at home? Wouldn't it be better? How old are you? Susan Rainone 20 David Susskind Oh, when do you intend to open your own establishment? I mean, have a place of your own. While you're here right now. I see he has a place of his own. No. You live at home too. Chuck Rusinak Yes, currently? I've been in that house. I've had my own apartment. David Susskind Right? Aren't you a little old? You live in a home? Well, you like it at home. good cooking Diane Ludwig I don't think You really have to put on an age on what age you should not be living home anymore. I don't see anything wrong with living at home. No, I don't think there's much of a difference. All right. So you might get a curfew. When you're old enough. You don't get a car curfew. So I've been homeless, you have problems with somewhere else. Victor Medina That would be a problem with the family. Like I have older brothers and they never gotten along with them. So I just went out on my own. And now they're following me. I'm the youngest. Alex Marchak And it's like a lot of parents got bad attitudes towards disco. you know, they think it's like, just like drugs. David Susskind Well is it Alex Marchak you know? It's no, it's no, it's not. David Susskind Are there drugs. Diane Ludwig There's drugs anywhere you go today David Susskind Are people sniffing cocaine. Gene Robinson No, not in our place. David Susskind Smoking refer Victor Medina outside and when they come in like they they're a little whacked out we try to throw them out. Even I would try to throw them out. I don't even work there. And I don't want any hassles against them. Because they would figure is a good couple on the dance floor, let me try to rap to the girl. There would be a fight going on. They don't look like David Susskind so actually, there's very little dope of any kind Alex Marchak Yeah, the Odyssey at the at the Odyssey, David Susskind which is your palace. Victor Medina Right? Come here and say we're taking over No. Okay. I mean, just because we dance, we're not fags. No, we're there. We're gonna protect the place David Susskind Disco dancing and Disco records have a style all their Own. Now what makes a good disco record? Good beat. Good beat. Gene Robinson Good disco record the combination of like, background music, like guitar like bass. Enough that everybody's gonna enjoy it. When is the right word? David Susskind What are samples of some real top disposed songs at the moment? Jody Oliver Well, I think everything from the movie from Saturday Night Fever, the whole entire soundtrack. Oh, well, I think it's very hot. As far as young people go Alex Marchak bionic Boogie risky changes. Diane Ludwig Songs something you could dance to they have fast be fast enough to dance to. They have words that are catchy and slowly catches on. David Susskind How would you answer the charge that all that disco music is kind of monotonous? Because it all sounds kind of the same? No, no, Chuck Rusinak it's not. It's not when I cue records, meaning I go from one record to another. I do my homework I do I use a metronome and I tempo out the beats and so on. It's all different. Like you have 90 beats to a record up to 130 beats to record. It varies. We have some slow disco and fast disco domestic European discos is very big now music machine Gene Robinson It only sounds the same to people that don't understand music. You know, people don't like classical music, but to them it all sounds the same but they don't understand the meaning what the song is about actually David Susskind right now let's talk about the chuck You could use the analogy between that and let's say a parent telling the child and all that rock sounds the same but the child you know the round the Rock sounds different. David Susskind Alright, let's talk about the dancing. The steps change who invents the steps? Alex Marchak by accident, you're fooling around. And you could just do something like that look sharp like, you David Susskind know, you're fooling around the funeral parlor. No, right? Victor Medina No at the Odyssey, well we fool around like on a Wednesday night, we'll go dance, hang out practice. All of us Diane Ludwig Pick up steps from other people. You watch other people dancing. You like that turns you sort of work it into your dance, right? Victor Medina Its all the same steps. Seven steps, seven steps seven. basic steps, your company's do your own thing, which your body was turning wise, David Susskind can you show us the seven steps if I take your mic off? Victor Medina Not me. Chuck can do it David Susskind Chuck. show us the seven basic steps. Oh you need her to Okay, take your mic off