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INTERVIEW BEGINS: David Susskind 0:01 Do you see an appreciable difference between old men after 60? Let's say, and younger men, given that the younger man can't afford prostitutes of your cost, to the extent that you see younger men, are they better? Worse, the same as the older men, "Melinda" (prostitute) 0:21 the older men seem to be more considerate. They've made their mark in the world, they've gotten over themselves, they know who they are, where they've been, and where they're going. The younger men are still trying to prove themselves, they have more insecurities, they have more hang ups, the older gentlemen are a lot more comfortable. They're much more relaxed, and they have more of an attitude of they want to have a good time. The younger fellas tend to have more hang ups in the older fellas do "Nina" (prostitute) 0:56 sure I would not want to greet six men a day, my age that we're interested in, you know, they're 25 or 27, or whatever. 30. And they're very young, macho, energetic and very sexual. I'm not interested them coming in and showing me all their tricks. I'm not interested in interested in them coming in there. And having sex with me for a full hour and saying, Well, geez, I still have 30 More seconds left. Let me continue. You know, I haven't reached my fifth orgasm. I'm not interested. What David Susskind 1:25 Are there such men? "Nina" (prostitute) 1:28 I can't rarely. I mean, really rarely. Do you want to scale? "Catherine" (prostitute) 1:36 What I don't like and I won't see a gentleman who has its attitude. That's important. You know, for me, if somebody comes in and says, Okay, you know, whore. What are you gonna? What are you going to give me for $100 or something? I'll tell the man that I'm not comfortable. I don't think this will work. And I'll ask him to leave. I am not about to subject myself to such abuse. The people that I see are very considerate, very kind, loving and warm. And I don't see those kinds of people. "Nina" (prostitute) 2:10 And if you do see them if they do want three or four releases fine. So they usually tell you upfront, hey, I have an incredibly high sexual level. Can you fulfill it or not? Yes, no. That's it. And goodbye. I don't waste time. That's all. Like for our particular situation, we charge one price. Here's the price here's we offer, do you want it yes or no goodbye. And you know, if you're on the street or something, then that's a whole different thing, which I'd like the gentleman who paid $12 an hour. First of all, I myself would not even lay my naked body or anything else done close body down in a place that was $12 an hour period. That's my outlook on it. But if someone just wants to release, yes, I David Susskind 2:48 Nina, if a man wanted a triple release, if he wanted oral sex if he wanted missionary sex. And if he wanted a fantasy fulfilled, and he could accomplish it all within 60 minutes, would you go along with that? "Nina" (prostitute) 3:02 If he knew his body that well and knew that he could be completed? Yes, sure. Because it really doesn't happen that often. So what is the big deal of if? Four times a year man can climax three or maybe four times which I don't think I've ever seen anyone? 21 year old guy who could climax four times in an hour less than David Susskind 3:23 Damn him "Nina" (prostitute) 3:25 They're a bit more rare, though. He was. But that four times was induced with heavy heavy fantasies in involvement session, I mean, heavy fantasy. So that's David Susskind 3:39 What's a heavy fantasy? "Nina" (prostitute) 3:41 A heavy fantasy might be a man who requires three to four, three quart enemas per hour. David Susskind 3:49 Oh, listen, "Nina" (prostitute) 3:51 You wanted it, I gave it to you. David Susskind 3:54 to do most men? You've not my question, right? Do most men that come to you come from the condition of marriage. In other words, they're not single men, because there's a lot of sex out there in the single world "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:08 75% of my clientele is married. 25% is single, approximately David Susskind 4:14 same thing for you "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:16 approximatly "Nina" (prostitute) 4:16 fairly Yes. David Susskind 4:18 And their major complaint in their marriage is that it's too boring. Or it's too, there may be one dimensional "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:25 Too one dimensional that's a good way to describe it. There may be sexual activities they would like to indulge in that their wives would not like to indulge in David Susskind 4:33 Are there fantasies or sexual activities that you forbid, you will have no part of "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:38 I will not get involved with any sort of domination David Susskind 4:42 beating "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:43 that's correct David Susskind 4:43 whipping? "Melinda" (prostitute) 4:44 That's correct, David Susskind 4:45 right. "Catherine" (prostitute) 4:45 I don't I don't know either. I mean, if somebody wants, whatever, An emena I mean, I don't. That's not my clientele. David Susskind 4:51 Do you have any latent fear of violence. I mean, these are strangers. Maybe though you don't care because you will for the money. participating, but "Nina" (prostitute) 5:00 I will participate. Not I won't participate in violence per se. I'm not going to participate in anything that hurts me, or that hurt someone if someone has a fantasy. If you have a fantasy of having your nipples pinched, I'm not going to bite them off. I'm not going to put a pin in them for Christ's sakes. I'm going to just do what you said. I'm not going to carry anyone's fantasy farther than it is if whether being gardeners or what have you. Of course, there's no of course there's crime, I do a tremendous amount of alcohols I do a tremendous amount of hotel work. Yes, there is That danger of finding a lunatic when I when a criminal a bank robber can afford $1,000 Day suite at a very reputable hotel. And I do serve as only the reputable hotels and in New York City. Fine, but there is that risk of a man just going to kill me for no other reason than he just doesn't like my looks or whatever reason. But so what I could be killed crossing the street tomorrow. So why am I going to worry about these things? "Melinda" (prostitute) 5:58 After a while you hone your intuition to a very, very fine point. And if I'm not comfortable with someone when they walk in the door, I'll ask them to leave also. In addition to which I have a very large trained German Shepherd, who will go on command, and fortunately, I have never, ever had to use him. David Susskind 6:20 Then you got a husband and the next room course. I mean, you could always say Tom. Well, that is when you come in. "Melinda" (prostitute) 6:26 That isn't the key word. But yes, I do have a key word. Of course, I'd call the police immediately if I had a problem. Oh, yes. Oh, absolutely. I'm not going to let myself get there. David Susskind 6:34 You say that the secret of good sex is not a loving companionship caring relationship. The secret of good sex is just good sex. "Melinda" (prostitute) 6:42 Yes. David Susskind 6:43 Without any emotional basis at all. "Nina" (prostitute) 6:46 in most cases, yes. Yes. David Susskind 6:49 have you ever fallen in love with a client. "Melinda" (prostitute) 6:51 No, no. I become very attached to clients insofar as I like them very, very, very much and feel very close to them to fall in love. No, David Susskind 7:01 Do you feel you've gotten an equal break tonight. I mean, have you answered every thing you wanted to with respect to the show on John's? "Catherine" (prostitute) 7:09 Pretty much I just David Susskind 7:11 should John's be prosecuted "Melinda" (prostitute) 7:13 if they're going to prostitute the prostitutes yes David Susskind 7:17 If they prosecute prostitutes, they should prosecute John. "Melinda" (prostitute) 7:21 Yes. David Susskind 7:23 Right. "Nina" (prostitute) 7:23 Or vice versa. David Susskind 7:24 Do you feel that you got equal time and a fair shake tonight? "Melinda" (prostitute) 7:28 Pretty much so Yes. "Nina" (prostitute) 7:29 Very much so Yes. David Susskind 7:29 Anything else you want to say? "Nina" (prostitute) 7:30 I know that I just I'm not here for myself to to fight for prostitution to be legalized. I'm just here for it to be possibly criminal to say that it's not that we're also to say that prostitution is not bad. It's that I am not a loser. I have been to college, we have all been to college. Many, many women have been to college, many women are have doctorates. So and also our clientele are not losers, whether they be women on the streets. I know many women streets who are very well educated and pick up a very upper echelon clientele. So they're not losers by any social standard. David Susskind 8:09 But you're being hookers can't be the object of a fine education. I mean, you were trained to be an accountant "Nina" (prostitute) 8:16 sure we have a master's degree in homan nature, I can assure you. David Susskind 8:19 Masters degree in human nature "Catherine" (prostitute) 8:21 I've always loved psychology, one of the things I wanted to maybe get into would be social work. The problem was I said, Why deal with this negative aspect of people? You know, I mean, I'm not gonna be able to help these people or do anything that I want to do you know what I mean, that don't have any money, the poor the ghetto. I mean, I said, there's gonna depress me. So what I did is I got involved with sales jobs or people oriented jobs. I've always been people oriented. And this is no different than that. This is a it's a service. It's a business. David Susskind 8:52 But you're using prostitution as a social instrument to better the human race. "Nina" (prostitute) 9:02 In many situations, you have to give to someone no matter who it is you yourself. You have to answer to someone. I have to answer to someone you have to answer to somebody. It doesn't matter who it is, whether it's Uncle Sam, no matter who you have to do some sort of prostituting one way or the other. We do it in a sexual way. Weprostitute ourselves sexually. You may not David Susskind 9:24 Would you want your daughters to be prostitutes. "Nina" (prostitute) 9:26 Well, if she did I tell you I would definitely make sure she's doing it the right way. If that was her decision, I was not able to talk her out of it and that she was just formed. That's her decision. Fine. Well, let me tell you something, she better be doing it the right way. And she better be doing it is as good as I have a better that's I would just lend her help. My parents are very well educated. David Susskind 9:48 Do They know what you do. "Nina" (prostitute) 9:49 I would think yes, David Susskind 9:50 the answer is no "Nina" (prostitute) 9:53 I would think they do David Susskind 9:53 your parents know? "Catherine" (prostitute) 9:54 no. David Susskind 9:55 Your parents know "Melinda" (prostitute) 9:56 no. David Susskind 9:57 Okay. "Catherine" (prostitute) 9:59 Simply because it is illegal simply because prostitution has been kind of dropped all together prostitution is bad it's ugly. It's dirty. "Nina" (prostitute) 10:09 They always told me Honey Don't give it away make him pay for it if they're gonna you know and he let me tell you David Susskind 10:16 Yeah but he was talking about a good marriage, he wasn't thinking a good hooking? "Nina" (prostitute) 10:19 How do you know? David Susskind 10:20 Cause Daddy's from Alabama? "Nina" (prostitute) 10:22 Daddy is very well educated and Daddy knows what in the heck he's talking about. David Susskind 10:26 Daddy will break down. "Nina" (prostitute) 10:28 Daddy says Don't be a whore don't slut yourself around. I mean, you know, get you know I'm doing I am single, I'm doing the same thing that the acceptable girls are doing. The only thing is the passing of the dollar. That's it. In my opinion. "Melinda" (prostitute) 10:39 They get paid to dinner in the theater. We paid in cash. "Nina" (prostitute) 10:43 I have been to these sexual retreats and what have you had been the sexual Hangouts these discoteques and things where they do allow sex sexual activity going on. I have seen women my age or any age or anything, having sex are five and six and 10 men for nothing, but they're fine. They're very acceptable. David Susskind 11:01 But nobody says they're fine. They're sick. Those people "Catherine" (prostitute) 11:03 listen. No, no. I was I was married for eight years. When I got divorced. I went through withdrawal almost from I needed somebody to be with the warm a touch anything. What I did is I went out bars on Friday and Saturday nights in search of somebody to be with I not necessarily Well, the sex but to be naked to be held in bed. And I went and gave it away. I think I had more intercourse over those couple of years. Looking for a companion, some company some affection. I gave it away for free. Now, I do it, but I'm getting paid for it. "Nina" (prostitute) 11:45 That's the only difference the only thing David Susskind 11:48 that's what your daddy talking talked about sloughing around. Don't you see you come to the ultimate Sluttery. "Nina" (prostitute) 11:54 It's not the ultimate Slattery. David Susskind 11:56 Yeah, because you're selling it "Nina" (prostitute) 12:00 and selling it. David Susskind 12:02 Yeah, "Nina" (prostitute) 12:02 well, I am selling it. But David Susskind 12:06 at an outrageous price "Nina" (prostitute) 12:07 Everyone sells herself whether it be an outrageous price or whether it be a cheap price, it doesn't matter that your prerogative. I set my standards. And I know like the man who goes to the $12 place to have a sexual release. Those women set the price at $12. And those women let me tell you don't even get $12 they get five or $6 at a 50 or 60% of the cut off of that. $12. So the girl who prostitute herself for $5 is no different from me who prostitute myself for $100 an hour. David Susskind 12:36 No one is paying just 5 dollars. Pakistan is $5 "Melinda" (prostitute) 12:40 Oh, no, no, no, you can go to a $10 massage parlor down in the village. And that girl gets $5 You're only there 10 minutes only there 10 minutes and all you get is a hand job David Susskind 12:53 is there. Is there a look of stupidity about him? Or? "Nina" (prostitute) 12:57 No, of course not. What if you walked into a place where there be a look of stupidity about you? I mean, what if you just went out of curiosity? If you're a newscaster? Is there a look of stupidity about you? When you walk in "Melinda" (prostitute) 13:07 Your hair wouldn't fall out. You wouldn't get pimples. You wouldn't get hair on the palms of your hand. David Susskind 13:13 You wouldn't walk with a limp and you wouldn't go blind "Melinda" (prostitute) 13:15 wouldn't have a big red a on your forehead. Nobody would know "Nina" (prostitute) 13:17 And also another thing I'd like to bring out which it reminds me of your last John hour all women are not pimped out. You said that three times in your last interview. If all women are pimped out, you said, Aren't you aware these women are pimped out quote unquote, aren't you don't you know, these women are pimped out you said, let me ask you something. How do you know? If you know all these women are pimped out? Tell me because I don't know what David Susskind 13:42 you mean under the control of pimps "Nina" (prostitute) 13:44 Under the control of pimps. I've never even met a pimp. David Susskind 13:47 Not women operating out of their apartments the way you do. "Nina" (prostitute) 13:51 I've operated on the street David Susskind 13:52 You've operated on the streets "Nina" (prostitute) 13:52 sure it doesn't matter on Park Avenue, right by the reputable hotels, right in the center of town. What is the matter? I have? No I don't have a pinp. Do you see any big man around and as you as you think everybody thinks a pimp is a big black man or anyone. I don't even have a boyfriend or anybody. So there's nobody around me. David Susskind 14:11 You're a tribute to American capitalism. "Nina" (prostitute) 14:17 Women do women. There are women like ourselves who just want to do our own thing. It doesn't matter who just want to have a career and not be hassled for it. And there's nothing the matter with us. And there's nothing the matter with a man who patronize us. And we are not owned and we are not slaves. You know and where I came from, the masters are not black. So I don't even think of Pimps in this way them end up in north all of a sudden it's all turned around the masters of pimps and pimps are black down south. It's the masters of whiten the slaves are black. So I don't even think of these. I never met a pimp. I have never met a pimp. I did. I didn't know it. Okay, so all these women are not pimped out whether they're on the street. I've met some gorgeous women on the street. And of course they're not pimps. I don't know so often, and they're very well educated. Some women prefer to work on the street. It's something we're done in life because of the stuff that we're going through to, to be talking to a man for an hour. I know a lot of very well educated women that can't waste their time. You know, they don't want to know anything about them. And vice versa. If a man is on his lunch hour for 15 20 minutes, half an hour, he doesn't want to know, he doesn't want to tell you all his problems. He doesn't want to know all your problems or whatever David Susskind 15:26 your frequently a man's lunch "Nina" (prostitute) 15:31 If that be the occasion, yes David Susskind 15:31 It's better than a sandwich I guess "Nina" (prostitute) 15:31 It Absolutely is. David Susskind 15:36 Better than a ham and cheese at your desk. "Melinda" (prostitute) 15:39 Defintely "Nina" (prostitute) 15:39 Much David Susskind 15:40 Anyway, I hope you're satisfied that you got your reply, John. "Nina" (prostitute) 15:44 Sure Yes. Thank you very much. "Melinda" (prostitute) 15:45 Thank you. David Susskind 15:46 I don't really quite understand your psyches. "Nina" (prostitute) 15:51 And vice versa. We don't understand yours. David Susskind 15:54 Well, that's America. You've been terrific guests. You've been forthcoming. And you've been quite candid. And thank you very much. And I hope you enjoyed it. We'll be back with more show.