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INTERVIEW CONCLUDES: David Susskind 48:54 In your work, don't you wind up feeling like a counselor sex counselor? Something psychiatrists without credential? Yeah, sure. And that is a sex. "Anthony" (male prostitute) 49:04 Yes, we very therapeutic. It's like the couple that makes them I know, that made them feel better about each other is very therapeutic for me. It's a lot of conversation, a lot of like, I like you and I like you and you should be together. And even when they're alone. It's like yeah, you're a nice person. Don't worry. Don't feel guilty about what you're doing. You know, and affection. It's just making men feel better. "Joe" (male prostitute) 49:28 People do feel relieved, believes tensions they're more prepared to go on with the rest of their life. Maybe if they if it's first time they realize they do have an outlet sort of at their command. I think it improves a lot of people's lives David Susskind 49:45 when you are alone Does she tend to tell you her problems. confess her "Bill" (male prostitute) 49:50 Yeah. My experience has been that they want to have a good time. And I mean, you can be a counselor I guess I'm not trying Did that I? I do what I do. And I think that usually takes the mind off of it. But you're, you know, you give them a company and usually you try to give them good company. "Antonio" (male prostitute) 50:10 companionship? David Susskind 50:12 Most of the time? Are you working with Jessica? Are you working alone? "Antonio" (male prostitute) 50:15 Mpst of the time I'm working with Jessica? We try to work together as we offer something special. Yeah. So I guess when we work together, we feel comfortable together. David Susskind 50:24 What do you offer? The special beside the fact that one is white one is black. Is that sufficient? "Antonio" (male prostitute) 50:30 Um, I guess. Yeah. Sufficient? I guess we offer specialist the two of us, okay. Like most people, like a woman will call one of the gentlemen here, and it'll just be one. And some people like maybe they'd like a Minage a toir. Okay, or they just just don't want to be involved. They just want to watch some people like to be voyeurs David Susskind 50:50 And you satisfied. But how are you paid? His money change hands does she say here's 100 A quarter for you "Joe" (male prostitute) 50:58 That's an awkward part. But people who are experienced or insightful usually have a way of putting it by the front door, where it's visible. So that now there's no concern on your part. It's, it's handy when you go out and you don't really have to discuss it. "Bill" (male prostitute) 51:17 I think what happened, my experience has been that people tend to give you the money first, even without asking for a reason that they want to make you relaxed in the situation. I think the husbands are the ones who understand that I've been paid many a time by the husband. If I walk in the house, and the people are in the phone, you know, their everything's legit, I don't mind taking the money. If I go to their house, if they come to my house, I just asked him to put it on the dresser and I and I say it in a way, you know it, put my fee on the dresser, then we get that over with and we'll have to discuss it anymore. And I don't make a lot of tips because of that. But I'm not like a sound I don't. I'm not hustling people out of money. I've already made the financial arrangements over the telephone or whatever. And that's it. David Susskind 51:57 What about the publicized fact that drilled through alcohol and drugs are rampant on the male prostitute circuit? "Bill" (male prostitute) 52:07 Well, you think you're limited to your drugs, if I know that if I sat down and did a gram of cocaine and I wouldn't go to function. So I know my limits are right there. "Anthony" (male prostitute) 52:17 I'm gonna be health conscious. I know a lot of people enjoy doing Emile nitrate while they're having sex or getting high and liquor and stuff like that. But I tend to have to avoid it because I need to control myself with the situation for someone. Especially I need to control. "Patrick" (male prostitute) 52:34 I drink I don't take I won't take any drugs, you know, so I could drink and go with a woman no problems. "Bill" (male prostitute) 52:40 I might smoke relaxes me a little bit but I'm not gonna go out there and get blitzed because I want to be able to walk out of there. "Joe" (male prostitute) 52:47 And you don't tend to see people who are blitzed when they call you either because you know that it's gonna it's gonna be difficult, long drawn out David Susskind 52:56 Now the female prostitute is constantly harassed by the police. "Joe" (male prostitute) 53:02 I think the ones who are out and obvious are harassed "Patrick" (male prostitute) 53:05 They are standing on corner. You know, if they're hanging out on corners, we don't go hang out in corners. Now, you know, in shorts and December's on "Antonio" (male prostitute) 53:14 the Hangout and sting operations in hotels, and they call their agencies and have them come over. And when you come over and like step in the room, you're automatically arrested for solicitation. "Bill" (male prostitute) 53:24 Well I don't deal with organized companies anyway. I'm not interested in working for services. Ah, I don't take checks. I deal strictly with cash. I don't you know, it's good to cash and carry business for me. "Anthony" (male prostitute) 53:38 I have a few escort agents, friends with me. I have I do know some escort friends that are in agents just to the business. You can't avoid them. They sometimes there's a couple that calls a girl from an escort agency and calls me at the same time I get to know her. And then they call us back, you know if they need an extra guy for see. So it helps to know escort agency. David Susskind 54:02 Is there any future in male prostitution? "Bill" (male prostitute) 54:07 as a career? I doubt it "Joe" (male prostitute) 54:09 And the retirement program is Not very good. "Bill" (male prostitute) 54:12 I think it's just like taking vitamins as a supplement. You know, I don't think anybody's gonna sit here and say that he's, you know, I don't sit in brag and say I'm a professional anything. I just do it. And I happen to be good at what I do. And I wish more people knew how good I was. I mean, I don't say sincerity to because I think that I have have a way to you know, make people relaxed and still give them what they want. I don't give them any, any less David Susskind 54:38 What are you going to do in the future when when you're god given equipment? "Bill" (male prostitute) 54:43 I've already worked with some of the best makeup artists in the world and I've you know, I've I've done that and I still do it. i i I do hair and makeup in my apartment. And I do it. David Susskind 54:55 What are you going to do? "Antonio" (male prostitute) 54:56 I'm just going to go to school, go to college. I'm using this as a stepping stone to get my fees for college and get myself together. That's all it is. David Susskind 55:06 And what are you going to do when you go to college? I mean, what do you wang to be? "Antonio" (male prostitute) 55:09 law "Joe" (male prostitute) 55:15 I'm sorry, you asked me David Susskind 55:17 Well what's your future? "Joe" (male prostitute) 55:20 I do some writing, I've got a couple of published works. My name is in the Library of Congress card catalog. I got two books in work right now, I don't know how long it will take to finish them. But I have a word processor and the the work is on diskettes. And, you know, I've got more things I want to write. David Susskind 55:42 what you've been doing. So what could you call it? It's so odd. And exciting. I suppose in this way. Won't an ordinary job seem lackluster? "Anthony" (male prostitute) 55:55 for me, the vocation right and try have the school teacher makes it very dichotomic. That's the word and it's one extreme to the other. And it's maybe the thrill I get out of it. Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde kind of situation. But I like to just note to tip to the people not to seek that I'm in any kind of a pervert, I separate the job completely from one to the "Bill" (male prostitute) 56:20 other burdens I can because I think they call you for "Anthony" (male prostitute) 56:24 one half of my vocation and one has to pay my rent and this money that I make here is more of those prosperous David Susskind 56:32 You will you see people at their most vulnerable women things clean eating and longing. What does that taught you about life? About women? "Bill" (male prostitute) 56:42 Well you I think you have to be yellow responsible when you're with when people are in that position because same thing can happen to you you know, you're kind of vulnerable, you're a male you have to perform and I don't know I think a lady could keep me from performing pretty easy. David Susskind 56:59 I'm asking whether you drew you draw a basic lesson about human condition from the work you've done. You got people at their at their most primitive, "Bill" (male prostitute) 57:10 right? "Antonio" (male prostitute) 57:11 You learn from them. "Bill" (male prostitute) 57:12 You see what their needs are. "Antonio" (male prostitute) 57:16 There's plenty of things that you learn from like there's different things I can't just say to you, you you learn anything Pacific you learn people's personalities the way they think. Okay, you just find it's a new way of learning about people. "Bill" (male prostitute) 57:28 You find out everybody. Nobody's really that different David.
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