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NT-3308 @ 01:20:01
Original Broadcast Date: 2-12-90
Richard Cohen While the networks praised de Klerk, today in a 45 minute State of the Nation speech, President FW de Klerk transformed 30 years of South African politics. This incident the same day is what South Africa now presented in detail. Our cameras captured the way some police were celebrating the political reforms that even showed a camera crew who had put their cameras down when the police arrived, television news was no longer challenging authority. Daniel Schecter And so networks could do it if they wanted to. They can put cameras on the moon if they want to. That's not their problem. They can get the satellite pictures out. The question is, can they explain what's really going on? Do they really inform people about what's really going on, and I think South Africa has been a failure. In terms of network news coverage. Richard Cohen Television News is picture driven. In 1986, the story didn't end with press restrictions. But when the dramatic pictures were gone, so were the networks. So the big guys are back
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