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VC-2645 @ 01:37:34
WILLI SMITH DAY AND THE EFFECT OF AIDS ON THE FASHION INDUSTRY; INTERVIEWS WITH VARIOUS FOLK ATTENDING THE EVENT INCLUDING GREGORY HINES, TOUKIE SMITH, ETC. 4-3-90 APRIL 3, 1990 B-Roll Willi Smith was a high profile incredibly influential designer of the 1980's who was responsible for bringing street wear to the runway
The runway show continues with fashions designed by various friends of Toukie's. Models on the runway wear beautiful and fun clothes - shiny black patent leather pants and a large red raincoat, followed by Toukie's daughter wearing oversized hoop earring and shiny black off shoulder mini dress. Other guest models wear slinky gold knit gown, a tiny silver t-back bikini, leopard hooded cat suit. and the last gal in leopard tights and mini jumper walks holding the hand of a little girl who happily jumps down the runway.