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STS-31333 @ 01:11:25
THE 1990s: FALL OF SOVIET UNION, BILL CLINTON, CELEBRITIES, MILITIAS, THE INTERNET, Y2K, NEW YEARS EVE 2000, Middle Eastern demonstration, Saddam Hussein; George Bush, helicopters over desert, Bush, soldiers in desert, Hussein, Capitol, Congress, Ramsey Clark T/H, international flags UN UNITED NATIONS meeting, NX White house, Bush, NX stealth bomber, Gulf War, smart bombs, missiles, Colin Powell, tanks; Ticker tape parade for veterans, destroyed tanks, night vision battle, Bush campaign, "Read My Lips" montage, 1992 presidential campaign; Bill Clinton, Clinton shaking hands with JFK, campaign, Clinton & Bush; Room full of reporters watching Clinton speech on multiple tv monitors, media pundits, Bush campaign montage, Clinton & Hillary Anti-Clinton protest, Clinton campaign, Hillary Clinton, women claiming to have had affairs with Clinton, Newt Gingrich; Republicans in Congress, Newt Gingrich, Clinton, Paula Jones, Kenneth Starr, Hillary, Clinton & Monica Lewinsky Headline, Lewinsky, White house P-Out to reveal news vans, media circus, Clinton leaving church, montage of denials Clinton on monitor on Times Square, impeachment, William Delahunt, Dick Armey, Richard Gephardt, Rush Limbaugh Movie theater marquee with Wag the Dog, As Good As It Gets, Welcome To Sarajevo, bombs over Baghdad with superimposed Lewinsky; Protesters sign, Clinton & dog on White house steps, Trent Lott, John Zogby, Clinton & Hillary boarding helicopter with dog HS Senate, traffic, Clinton & Lewinsky, news websites, B/W 1960s military supercomputer, woman in office using computer; INT computer store, the Drudge Report, Microsoft Windows software, Alan Greenspan, computer animation, website Louis Gentner, NYSE, internet cafe, VAR corporate mergers Time Warner Turner, NBC Microsoft, tv station logos; Criminal Courts building, reporters following someone, Rodney King, O.J. Simpson on surveillance cam, Rodney King beating, Simi Valley; East County Courthouse, L.A. riots, Rodney King, O.J. Simpson, Bronco chase, news vans, Simpson trial, NX police activity arrest; Rupert Murdoch, Woody Allen & Mia Farrow, Allen, Michael Jackson & kids, Don King, Jack Nicholson, chicks singing with Pavarotti; Celebrities: Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Michael Jordan, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Eisner, merger, Titanic movie posters, Sports heroes, Sammy Sosa, signed baseball, movie premiere, paparazzi fight, Princess Diana, tabloid news press, Lorena Bobbitt Heidi Fleiss, Tonya Harding, Susan Smith, genocide in Rwanda, man playing cello in graveyard, war in Bosnia, Yugoslavia Milosovich, pair of fighter jets, air raid, protest, refugees, WTC bombing, militia, Waco stand-off, David Koresh Burning Branch Davidian compound, Janet Reno, Oklahoma City Federal building bombing, Timothy McVeigh Bombing during Atlanta Olympics, the TED KACZYNSKI, UNABOMBER, Unibomber, white supremacist pamphlets, Columbine High School, police; Capitol building flag at half-mast, Ted Turner, gun store, suburban survivalists stocked up for Y2K Men using computers in lab, stock exchange, FBI talk head on Y2K, New Years Day, international celebrations of New Year
President George H.W. Bush speaking into mics. Unseen narrator states he called the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait an act of aggression and a threat to United Sates economic interests, and that he was drawing a "line in the sand" against Iraq.
1990s NEWS