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HRN-2512 Gibson Through the Lens Tape #02 A01. HRN-2512 In: 02.00.30 Out: 02.01.01 Sound Bite: Marvin Scott Jarrett & Jacquelyn – Nylon Japan & Nylon Guys Marvin – We happen to be in LA, we have a house here, and uh we love the Sunset Marquee and there was an opportunity to come here to (talks) party down, we love the idea of the Gibson guitar party, I mean how exciting is that I mean all the right elements we’re driving from a meeting, it’s only 6:30 we can come here, grab a drink, amazing, right? A02. HRN-2512 In: 02.01.21 Out: 02.01.59 Sound Bite: Marvin Scott Jarrett & Jacquelyn Marvin – Right um I admire that if you want to name your guitar something I you know I think that’s great. I’ve got dogs that I’ve named. Moses and Abraham, but I don’t think I’ve ever named my guitar. Jacquelyn – What’s your favorite guitar? Marvin – I love, well I’m not gonna say the other brand that I like, because it’s not appropriate here, but I do like that other one but I do love Gibson like Les Paul’s and SG’s and I used to have like 5 Flying V’s at one time A03. HRN-2512 In: 02.03.18 Out: 02.03.32 Sound Bite: Bill Mumy – Musician/Actor Well I’m out here because I’m a Gibson player I’m out here because I have a couple good friends at Gibson that invited me quite honestly. I’m a fan of the photography, I’m looking forward to the music. Hi. A04. HRN-2512 In: 02.03.59 Out: 02.04.34 Sound Bite: Bill Mumy– Musician/Actor Uh one of my favorite Gibson guitars is named Connie. It’s a 1952 1960 Les Paul conversion, so the conversion turned it into Connie, and Connie’s really a crown jewel of my guitars. I have another Gibson J45 acoustic named Jerry, uh I have um a telecaster named Elaine from The Graduate. My wife’s name is Eileen I had a Gibson Les Paul Jr. called Ellen. Can’t quite go between Eileen with Ellen, Elaine works fine. A05. HRN-2512 In: 02.04.35 Out: 02.05.05 Sound Bite: Bill Mumy– Musician/Actor Well I mean, they’re like boats, I mean they have great personality so want to give it a name, they’re usually female, at least in my head. Guitars are so personal and they bring out so many different things in your own inner creativity you know the muse strikes and it comes to you very differently when you’re playing different guitars so it’s a very personal experience and something that emotional deserves a name at least. A06. HRN-2512 In: 02.05.16 Out: 02.05.54 Sound Bite: Steve Valentine - Actor We just started filming it’s a peace documentary. (talks) Yeah yeah it’s called Finding Peace. Yeah yeah yeah we’re interviewing everyone, we went down to Santa Monica beach yesterday and just walked up to people on the beach, we had a big sign that said do you think world peace is possible and people are on bikes kind of riding by on bikes and people were yelling out yes no maybe as a tandem went buy. And the guy on the bike says yeah so the woman on the bike says no. Kind of shows you, there’s a lot of diverse opinion out there. So far it’s early days right now so we just started filming it’s great. A07. HRN-2512 In: 02.05.54 Out: 02.06.28 Sound Bite: Steve Valentine - Actor I’m a big Gibson fan so. (talks) No, not officially. I have a Gibson and I’m starting to learn. (talks) No, do you name guitars? Well men we’re supposed to name certain appendages aren’t we? I haven’t even named my, I haven’t done that yet so I don’t know if I’m gonna get around to naming my guitar. But anyway um too much information, so I’m a big Gibson fan and these photographs these pictures are amazing. A08. HRN-2512 In: 02.06.35 Out: 02.07.13 Sound Bite: Steve Valentine - Actor I, why do they name their guitars? Because they get so high they think it’s a real person and they’re like dude, hey Johnny, have you guys met Johnny? The next thing you know… but you know what I love coming here because Sunset Marquee has such a history where rock and roll is because there’s a studio built into the garage that’s underground here you know which I think is asking for trouble. It’s like we got a studio built into the hotel guys, you want to throw a television out of a window? Throw it out of our window. Haha you want to get drunk and ransack the room? Come here. We welcome you. A09. HRN-2512 In: 02.07.15 Out: 02.08.28 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – Valentine getting photographed, cutaway, more of Valentine and him interviewing, A10. HRN-2512 In: 02.08.29 Out: 02.10.05 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – fashion shot of girl with dark dress and hair, fashion shot of a girl in red top, fashion shot of girl in striped kind of dress, fashion shot of girl in dark dress and red belt, fashion shot of blond girl with black dress, fashion shot of dark haired girl with scarf, fashion shot of girl with dark dress and curly hair, very beautiful Latino girl with dark dress, A11. HRN-2512 In: 02.10.06 Out: 02.10.57 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – James Denton and wife Erin getting photographed, cutaways, some girls walk by A12. HRN-2512 In: 02.11.21 Out: 02.11.34 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – fashion shot of brunette with pink dress, A13. HRN-2512 In: 02.11.35 Out: 02.11.55 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – Hilary Gilbert getting photographed, A14. HRN-2512 In: 02.11.56 Out: 02.12.08 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – fashion shot of Gilbert A15. HRN-2512 In: 02.12.18 Out: 02.12.32 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – a brunette in dark dress with funky looking hand bag A16. HRN-2512 In: 02.12.33 Out: 02.12.44 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – fashion shot of blond girl in white dress A17. HRN-2512 In: 02.12.45 Out: 02.13.07 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – Billy Morrison getting photographed, A18. HRN-2512 In: 02.13.08 Out: 02.13.22 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – fashion shot of the girl with the funky bag A19. HRN-2512 In: 02.13.41 Out: 02.14.03 Sound Bite: James Denton - Actor You know I haven’t and it’s probably because I’m not that good and yeah I think as poor as a musician I am I think that would be kind of pretentious to name a guitar that I could barely play. I mean I’m okay but I just kind of strum rhythms and uh you know now with this band for this TV gig that we’ve got goin it’s all for charity which is about the only way I’ll get paid to play. A20. HRN-2512 In: 02.14.04 Out: 02.14.30 Sound Bite: James Denton - Actor I think you just spend so much time with them, you know you see those guys like Willie Nelson has the hole worn in his guitar. You know a guitar that’s really comfortable becomes part of the family and those guys if they’re any good you know John Mayer said he just sat in his room every weekend Friday and Saturday night, all his friends were partying, he was sitting in his room with Cops on TV you know playing the guitar, playing the guitar, so you spend so much time with them I guess you get attached. A21. HRN-2512 In: 02.14.31 Out: 02.15.01 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – pictures of guitarists on stage, A22. HRN-2512 In: 02.15.06 Out: 02.15.16 Sound Bite: Carol Pope Um a big fan of rock and roll, I’m a musician, I’m a fan of photography, so that’s why I’m here. A23. HRN-2512 In: 02.15.30 Out: 02.15.40 Sound Bite: Carol Pope – Singer/Songwriter No but um you know I’m kind of in love with my guitar. (talks) No. A24. HRN-2512 In: 02.15.44 Out: 02.16.11 Sound Bite: Carol Pope – Singer/Songwriter I don’t know I mean the only person I can think of who really comes to mind is like like uh like really old school guys like Chuck Barry or uh (Talks) BB King, right but I don’t even know what their guitars are called but you know because it’s got the body of a woman it’s you know it’s always feminine isn’t it. A25. HRN-2512 In: 02.16.13 Out: 02.16.54 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – fashion shot of a girl in green dress with younger girl, fashion shot of brunette with black top and long black pants, fashion shot of brunette in black dress with pearl necklace A26. HRN-2512 In: 02.16.55 Out: 02.17.13 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – Xan McCurdy and Suzanne Cronin getting photographed, Ivan Kane getting photographed A27. HRN-2512 In: 02.17.13 Out: 02.17.30 Sound Bite: Cameron Crowe – Film Director That’s right, Almost Famous really a lot of the movie happened on the assignments with Neil Preston and the 2 of us traveled that road together and a few of the pictures from that journey are up on the wall here tonight. A28. HRN-2512 In: 02.17.56 Out: 02.18.42 Sound Bite: Cameron Crowe – Film Director They’re all called Cameron, let’s just be honest. Guy – She had the one called Biff. She had the one called Biff, no she’s so interesting because she doesn’t really have to kind of practice all the time which is funny you know I feel like as a writer you always have to keep writing and keep it going but Nancy is more like she sees a guitar and she picks it up and starts playing and it’s just at a level and yeah so she doesn’t really uh practice practice practice all the time it’s in her so deeply so her world is kind of all about the guitars I think it’s beyond even giving them names I think it’s just kind of air that she breathes. A29. HRN-2512 In: 02.18.50 Out: 02.19.22 Sound Bite: Cameron Crowe – Film Director I have a theory. My theory is they will never have a deep meaningful relationship with a human that will match their relationship with the guitar that they write songs on. Guy – That’s actually true. And in good times and bad you can always reach for that guitar and that guitar fits, feels right, and will respond and I think a musician that’s so connected in that way to the music it’s like that’s what I depend on through thick and thin. So let’s give it a name! A30. HRN-2512 In: 02.19.25 Out: 02.19.34 Sound Bite: Cameron Crowe – Film Director Gonna, thanks brother, gonna do a couple movies back to back hope you dig them. A31. HRN-2512 In: 02.19.34 Out: 02.20.15 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – Gerry Beckley getting photographed, shot of the Gibson backdrop to Beckley A32. HRN-2512 In: 02.20.24 Out: 02.20.34 Sound Bite: Gerry Beckley – Lead Guitar - America Well we’re uh actually I used to stay here quite often at the Sunset Marquis but I’m big fans of Gibson and looking forward to a great evening of music. A33. HRN-2512 In: 02.20.47 Out: 02.21.13 Sound Bite: Gerry Beckley– Lead Guitar - America Well you know I personally don’t name them I have a an anniversary edition guitar that’s called Annie that was named by the company but um you get very attached to guitars, they’re very personal things if you tour as much as we do you spend a couple hundred days a year traveling in a bus and you hopefully you learn to rely on a good instrument like a dear friend so I could imagine naming is a very common thing. A34. HRN-2512 In: 02.21.17 Out: 02.21.40 Sound Bite: Gerry Beckley– Lead Guitar - America Well uh we’re actually on a week long summer break that we put on the middle of summer so we don’t drive ourselves crazy but um about next week we start again, mostly in the states and international last year, but we’re going up into Montreal for the first show then back in the states I’m in Brazil at the end of August and then Carnegie Hall coming up. A35. HRN-2512 In: 02.21.43 Out: 02.22.06 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – fashion shot of brunette girl with red striped shit and dark pants, fashion shot of girl in leopard print dress, A36. HRN-2512 In: 02.22.25 Out: 02.22.33 Sound Bite: Henry Duarte Jimmy Page. A37. HRN-2512 In: 02.23.04 Out: 02.23.10 Sound Bite: Richard Perry – Music Producer Uh to support my girl Kelly Catron. A38. HRN-2512 In: 02.23.23 Out: 02.24.14 Sound Bite: Richard Perry– Music Producer Well uh I can’t uh give you a definitive answer to that question but I think that that uh musicians especially rock guitarists feel about their guitar like it is a woman that they cradle it in their arms, they caress it, they play it hard, then gently, they’re a lot of similarities it might be a little strange to name a guitar Don, you know like in the 30s and 40s people always used to name their cars uh female names, Whoa Nelly. A39. HRN-2512 In: 02.24.17 Out: 02.24.31 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – fashion shot of Kelly Catron A01. HRN-2512 In: 02.24.32 Out: 02.24.50 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – Perry and Catron conversing A40. HRN-2512 In: 02.25.11 Out: 02.25.35 Sound Bite: Old Fashion Photographer Guy I think it’s wonderful. (talks) It’s a history and as of late very few people know the history of anything. So it exposes the history which will educate people about the world they think they’re in. A41. HRN-2512 In: 02.25.39 Out: 02.26.08 Sound Bite: Billy Duffy – Guitarist – The Cult Uh well many things mostly a call from Jeff Leiber, that was the main reason, then um I feel like the Sunset Marquis feels like a second home to me um and I kind of always liked the atmosphere here and they have the best bar in town for about six or seven years. In fact the only place you could go in LA that didn’t suck so you know it was decent for a little while the whisky bar was cool. A42. HRN-2512 In: 02.26.15 Out: 02.26.33 Sound Bite: Billy Duffy – Guitarist – The Cult Um it’s possibly either 2 reasons: a complete lack of imagination or that they thought that playing guitar might get them girls when they were young. A43. HRN-2512 In: 02.26.34 Out: 02.27.28 Sound Bite: Billy Duffy – Guitarist – The Cult No, they’re all numbered. I’m like Pete Townsend, they’ve just got numbers. (talks) Numbers. Number 1 through whatever. I don’t give them a personality, as somebody once said, they’re just a bit of wood with strings on them. I mean Jimi Hendrix could have played anything guitar and it sounded great. I think people get a little caught up, it’s just machinery. It’s just stuff. Some guitars are better than others but I think really it’s about a person who’s trying to express themselves through a guitar and I think the best guitar players, I would say like Hendrix, he’s a bit above and beyond to me he was above and beyond because he was at one with the guitar, he wasn’t separate from the guitar, you know what I mean and he just never have been caught up in technology and all that kind of crap. I’m just old school you know what I mean 70’s guy, that’s what inspired me you know 70s early 70s stuff so. A44. HRN-2512 In: 02.27.40 Out: 02.27.54 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – fashion shot of Billy Duffy’s girl A45. HRN-2512 In: 02.28.05 Out: 02.28.35 Sound Bite: Xan McCurdy – Guitarist - Cake No I’ve never named them. (talks) Uh because maybe it’s sort of a sexual thing I think. It’s sort of like you kind of make love to your instrument a little bit and maybe you want to name them unless you name it Bob I’m not so sure but I think it’s usually female names, am I right? So they’re sort of like sexual element I think or maybe it’s like you love your daughter or something, you know. A46. HRN-2512 In: 02.28.36 Out: 02.29.47 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – shot of Sunset Marquis entrance, shot of cars on the street, more of the entrance, people getting dropped off in front of hotel, cars pulling down street, A47. HRN-2512 In: 02.29.58 Out: 02.30.40 B-Roll - Gibson Through the Lens – shot of Hollywood and zoom out to front of hotel then back into Hollywood, more shots of the front