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Port of call for the supply boat: shots of whaleboat loaded with Inuits moving up to supply ship, Inuits stepping up on deck. Various board shots showing Inuits eating, Captain, Inuits watching coast from railing. Shots of another whaleboat approaching, three Royal Canadian Mounted Police climbing aboard the supply ship. Various shots of coast. Sequence showing several sailboats moving to shore, Inuits coming ashore, including shots of dogs milling about. Long sequence showing Inuits setting up tents in camp. Sequence showing Inuits in two kayaks paddling towards shore, other Inuits coming to help hauling up kayaks to camp. CS of Inuit woman inside tent sewing, including views of two small children playing near her. Sequence in field showing Inuit women rolling up hides layed there to dry. PAN of Hudson's Bay Company outpost. MS of several white crosses in small cemetery. Sequence on land surveyor at work on various instruments. Sequence on supplies being loaded onto launch from supply ship, launch moving up to shore, Inuits coming in to bring supplies ashore. Several shots of Inuit children throwing rocks into water. Various shots of Inuits hauling supplies to Hudson's Bay post. Sequence on ship's officer throwing goodies, large group of Inuits flocking to catch it. Sequence on Inuits playing tug-o-war, ship's officer officiating.
National Film Board
Canadian Arctic;Canada
35mm fine grain b&w; 35mm neg b&w
Digital Video Disk; HDCAM SR; Reel 35 mm; Digital B├ętacam
4/3; Anamorphique(4/3)
720 x 486 (SD); 1920 x 1080 (HD)
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