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Food, Weapon of Conquest
MS of stack of fruit salt packages, of stack of sal hepatica and other patent medecines. Shots inside slaughter house showing workers slitting carcasses open, stamping them. LAS of hog carcasses hanging from overhead trolley. HAMSs of large number of pigs moving towards and away from camera. HAS of several piglets in sty. HAS of double row of piglets feeding from unwilling sow. Shot of piglets suckling contentedly. MSs of baskets of eggs. Interior shots of large numbers of hens in coop, of hens in nests. CUs of egg packing operations. MLS of chicken coop exterior. HASs of baskets full of eggs. MLS of large farm house, with scrub trees in background, cloudy skies. CU of stack of three cans of Astra Brand herrings in tomato sauce. CU of writing on cans. Shots of man, woman grading live chicks. Interior shot of egg packing plant, of worker. HACU of two eggs frying in pan, of hand and spatula turning them over. CU of hand stamping information regarding Astra Brand herring. Static shot of rippling wheat field extending to top of frame. CU of man's hand taking eggs from nest. Long PAN of large poultry farm. LS of dairy barn, of Jersey cows in field. Shots inside cheese factory. Shots inside condensed milk factory. Shots of men loading milk crates into box cars.
National Film Board
35mm fine grain b&w
Digital Video Disk; Reel 35 mm; Digital B├ętacam
720 x 486 (SD)
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