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Prince Bernhard's Visit
Prince Bernhard's Visit (03/06/1949): FOLLOW SHOT of KLM "Constellation" landing at Dorval Airport. Shot of aircraft taxiing to a stop, name "Flying Dutchman" on fuselage. Shot of the prince in midst of a group of military and civilian VIP's, talking, saluting. Cut to inspection ceremonies, Union Jack flag being dipped by colour bearer as Dutch anthem if played. CUs of prince Bernhard saluting, officers saluting. Shot of Royal Canadian Artillery firing salute to the prince. Shots of the prince inspecting Royal 22nd honour guard. Two shots of mayor Camilien Houde of Montreal welcoming the prince at city hall. Interior shots of ceremonies, prince signing golden book, conversation all around, presentation of crystal gobelet to mayor Houde by Dr A Plessman, president of KLM and of good wishes of the Burgomaster of Amsterdam. Shot of councillor JO Asselin talking with the prince. Shot of prince leaving city hall by car, crowd lining route. ELS of Royal Canadian Air Force "Northstar" taking off, in flight, "Canadian Air Force" on hangar visible in extreme foreground, landing. Shot of prince deplaning, walking with pilot, squadron leader Morrison, to hangar, driving off in limousine. Sequence on departure, prince saying goodbye to Dr A Sevenster, consul general of the Netherlands in Montreal, boarding Constellation plane, taking off.
National Film Board
Montreal;Quebec (province);Canada;Dorval (city);Montreal;Quebec (province);Canada
35mm fine grain b&w
Video HI 8; Reel 35 mm
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