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TRAVELLING SHOTs looking back at front of bus moving along Camilien Houde Road on Mount Royal, MLSs, CUs. MS of bus, people boarding through front door, getting off through back door. ZOOM OUT from group of tourists waiting at stop by bus, other bus pulling up behind on corner of Decelles Street and Queen Mary Road. Short TRAVELLING SHOT of a few tourists at railing of look-out on Mount Royal. Shot of sightseeing bus passing by camera on city street. Side shot of driver driving. Shot of black hostess Cheryl Davis, view through front windshield in background. Various shots of tourists looking at sights, snapping pictures through glass of moving bus, women, men, children, hostess saying something in microphone.
National Film Board
Montreal;Quebec (province);Canada
Super 16mm color neg; 35mm eastman color neg
Video HI 8; Reel 35 mm
Written permission must be obtained from hostess Cheryl Davis or estate / Obtenir permission écrite de Cheryl Davis ou succession;
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