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Reportages nº 100
[Title: "Journée pan-américaine" (Pan American Day)] shots of detachment of the American army parading past camera with flags of North and South American nations. Shot of Canadian navy band marching past; Canadian Army soldiers parading by in background. Shot of colour party marching past camera. Cut to reviewing group, Mayor Camilien Houde, city officials, officers of the Canadian and American armies. Speech by civilian into CBC microphone. Cuts to spectators, to officers in reviewing group saluting. CU of wreath with "FDR" on banner. Mayor Camilien Houde lays a wreath at the cenotaph at Dominion Square. CU of wreath with "Ville de Montréal" on ribbon. More speeches, with cuts to flags, spectators, floral tributes to the war dead. CU of inscription on monument and ESTABLISHING SHOT of monument with honour guard in foreground.
National Film Board
Montreal;Quebec (province);Canada
35mm fine grain b&w
Digital D2; Reel 35 mm
Narration; Synchro; Music; Synchro
Rights must be verified for music and narration / Droits à vérifier pour la musique et la narration.
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