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The Whales Are Waiting
Various shots of demonstrators outside International Whaling Commission conference building, holding a large banner that says "Ban Commercial Whaling - Save the Whales." CUs of hippie protestors. MSs of Japanese delegates arriving in their car, ZOOM IN of young women hippies. Various shots of other delegates arriving. CU of whale sculptures on the steps of the building. WAS of delegates, predominantly men, wearing suits and carrying briefcases, traffic and bobby visible in the background. MS of sound man and photographer following Japanese delegate up steps, hippie presents him with model whale and shakes his hand as they pose for picture. Various shots of demonstrators with inflatable whale. MCU of bobbies in conversation. MSs of Japanese delegates coming out of conference and walking past row of cameramen and sound men with microphones, double-decker bus visible in background. Various shots of protestors following them to their car with placards including one that says, "Would you wash your face with this?" referring to use of whales by the cosmetics industry.
National Film Board
London (England);England;United Kingdom;Europe;England;United Kingdom;Europe
35mm original ektachrome; 16mm original ektachrome
Digital Video Disk; Reel 16 mm; Digital B├ętacam
720 x 486 (SD)
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