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Canada Day in Germany
Canada Day in Germany; various shots of soldiers on parade, marching, looking on, putting on demonstrations including firing battery of field guns, stunting on motorcycles. Shots of spectators in bleachers. Shots of foot races, of winners being congratulated, of score being written down on large scoreboard. Shot of woman being escorted to trophy table, proceeding to award prizes and trophies to winners. Shot of fencing team putting on exhibition of fencing with sabres. Shots of fencers fencing, marching. Shot of motorcycles crashing through thin wall, through flaming hoop and taking part in giant precision drill. Various shots of bands playing.
National Film Board
Germany (Deutschland);Europe
35mm neg b&w
HDCAM SR; Digital Video Disk; Reel 35 mm
4/3; Anamorphique(4/3)
1920 x 1080 (HD)
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