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Sámi Herders
MS of Haette family in tent at suppertime. Various MCSs, CSs of Mikkel Haette in tent putting grass in his boots to keep feet dry and warm. MS of Ellen whittling a piece of wood with ZOOM IN on a radio. CSs of Ellen whittling. Various CSs, MSs of her mother Angel-Marie sewing leather with Ellen watching her. Various CSs of cooking-pot over fire in tent, of fire. CS of Ellen's bowl with ZOOM OUT to MS of her sitting on the ground near her father. CS of her bowl. MS of Angel-Marie combing her hair, cooking pot in foreground, of her getting out of tent and back in. MS of Ellen sitting next to her father and wearing his snowmobile glasses. CS, ZOOM OUT on the dog sleeping. MS, CS of Mikkel sitting by fire. MCS of Angel-Marie taking a photo of Ellen. Various interior CSs of parts of the tent's chimney. Exterior MS and MCS of the tent with smoke going out of it. MCS of Ellen and her mother coming out of tent. CS of Mikkel looking around with PAN to his wife and antother man. MS of Mikkel, his wife and his daughter walking hand in hand, branches in foreground. MCS of a reindeer seen through branches. MS of the reindeer. Several shots from different angles of Haette family taking down the tent, getting reindeer ready to go.
National Film Board
Norway;Scandinavia;Northern Europe;Europe
16mm eastman color neg
Reel 16 mm
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