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British Pathé
Title reads: "Prisoners of War in Two Fronts".

Athens, Greece.

Various shots of girls from Greek National Youth Organisation handing out small gifts to Greek soldiers. The soldiers are sitting in crowded railway wagons and are bound for the front in Albania.

Various shots of dishevelled and miserable looking Italian prisoners of war being marched through the streets. M/S of army barbers shaving heads of POWs at a prison camps. M/S of bald-headed POWs sitting on floor. M/S of POWs carrying bundles of bedding, a Greek soldier hands out cigarettes to them. M/S of POWs being served soup from caldron.

Intertitle reads: "It's the same in Egypt".

Various shots of Italian prisoners of war sitting outside tents. They also look scruffy and unshaven - narrator comments "and to think that one they handed out ice cream wafers!". Various shots of POWs being served food in tin bowls.

L/S of British bomber landing at airfield. Out of the bomber, comes 3 captured Italian officers, including General Sebastiano Gallina, General Armando Pescatore and General Mezzani. Various shots of British officers shaking hands with the Italians. They are escorted across tarmac to officers' mess. Various shots of Italian officer POWs filling in administrative forms. Various shots of lower ranking officer POWs queuing up for food.

Various shots of enclosure surrounded by barbed wire. Various shots of Libyan POWs who fought for Italians.
British Pathe
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Athens Greece Greek National Youth Organisation Italians prisoners of war POWs smoking bombers aeroplanes ice cream General Sebastiano Gallina Arnando Pescatore Mezzani Second World War wars British