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British Pathé
Full title reads: "Here comes to Bride".

A look at wedding customs from across the globe.

Various shots of children having a make believe wedding in a garden. M/S of a real bride and groom getting into a chauffeur driven car.

Animated map of the World with arrow pointing to Saxony, Germany. M/S procession of men and women in traditional costumes. The bride and groom are carried on chairs into a house. C/U of giggly bridesmaid wearing head-dress made from fruit.

Map with arrow pointing to India. M/S of Indian bride and groom kneeling on either side of an urn. The bride's father sprinkles the couple with holy water, then places a pendant on bride and binds their wrists together. Map with arrow pointing at Borneo (Indonesia). M/S of bride and groom sitting on beach on iron bar, they smoke cigars and eat nuts. A priest holds up two chickens above them. Map with arrow pointing China. M/S of bride having face covered with veil. A female servant then lifts her over a fire. She then kneels before her husband, he removes the veil. Map with arrow pointing at Africa. M/S of the groom offering bride plate of shells. Map with arrow pointing to Tunisia. M/S of bride standing in market place against a pillar. Map with arrow pointing at Croatia (Yugoslavia). M/S of bride and groom - the bride is shy so the groom boxes her ears!

Animated sequence by Joe Noble. Cartoon man reads book on customs of Croatia. He gets bashed on head by rolling pin. Wife appears, saying 'and that's an old Spanish custom!'

Note: wedding sequences from India, Borneo, China, Africa, Tunisia and Croatia are recreated by actors on stage sets. Same actors play more than one part! AH 2001.
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