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Various locations of events.

On the Pennsylvania railway, United States of America, we see a streamlined express train speeding along between Chicago and New York. The train company has cut rail fares to lure people to New York for the World's Fair. Great shots of passengers on the train - being served drinks and tuning in the radio in the observation car, eating in the dining car and relaxing in their swivel seats in the regular car. A woman reclines in her Pullman seat; tracking shot along an aisle shows several attractive women in their seats. A couple dance to the music from the radio in a lounge car.

Various shots at a pearl farm show the process of producing cultivated pearls. A seed pearl is inserted into the kidney of an oyster which is then put with others in baskets in water. The oysters are left for 7 to 15 years, then girl divers are sent down to retrieve them. C/U of an oyster being opened and a pearl being popped out. Artificial pearls are lined up as if to make up a necklace. (Location of events unknown - could be United States, but looks like Japan or Hawaii?)

At Hastings, East Sussex, we see various good shots of babies with their mothers at a baby show. Good C/Us of babies being fed milk, eating ice-creams, crawling about on the grass, pushing giant balls about and sitting three in a pram. A bonny baby boy held by his mother is handed his silver spoon prize.
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