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British Pathé
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Various shots show a luxury coach picking up passenger for London in Aylesbury Market Square. Commentator tells us the journey is free, and is the idea of car dealer Raymond Way who wants to show people how a journey can be enjoyed.

Former air hostess Doris Lambert directs passengers aboard the bus, then she climbs aboard and closes the door. The coach starts off on the journey down to London. Tracking shot of the coach en route - looks like it only goes as far as Kilburn, judging by signs on the side.

The coach stops at a garage and cafe. On board we see a chef making a fried egg sandwich that Doris hands to a passenger. She then hands tea to a passenger. A man goes into the toilet, labelled 'Ladies and Gents Toilet - Wash and brush up'. Inside we see him shaving with Contour 6 (electric shaver).

More shots of the coach driving along. M/S of driver Jock Ferrie, former Glasgow to London lorry driver. Doris switches on the amplifying system and makes an announcement to passengers (not heard). Passengers sit listening.

Note: article on file explains that the coach was bringing customers from countryside areas to Raymond Way's car showrooms in Kilburn.
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