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British Pathé
Full title reads: "Cup Fever Grips Yeovil".

Yeovil, Somerset. Yeovil Town have made it a long way in football's FA Cup.

LV Scene inside pub 'Wellington Inn' as players sing the Glovers' anthem.

SV Nick Collins bowling up skittle alley. CU Skittles falling.

CU Ralph Davis, left back. CU Ray Wright, inside, left , putting up skittles. CU Eric Bryant bowling up alley. SV Skittles falling.

LV Yeovil Football team practising on field at night. LV Kicking into goal.

GV Yeovil. SV Two men one on horseback discussing team. SV Shopkeeper with two girls looking at paper. CU Old woman at doorway being told of draw with Sunderland. SV Old woman at pump being told news.

LV 3 players leaving Westland's aircraft works. CU Arthur Hickman, right back. CU Bob Hamilton, outside right. SV Interior showing Lez Blizzard, centre half, in stores with Albert Smith, Chairman. CU Albert Smith. CU Lez Blizzard.

SV Pan up Ray Wright in potting shed. CU Wright. Side view Wright.

Side view women walking towards with football kit. SV Sign 'Yeovil Football Club.' CU Women and Mrs. Chant (Chairman of the women Supporters Club, presenting kit to Mr Stanley Johnson.

LV Alex Stock, inside right, on football pitch with officials. CU Alex Stock speaking about forthcoming match with Sunderland.
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Yeovil Somerset pubs Wellington Inn football Nick Collins Ralph Davis Eric Bryant skittles Westland's horses Arthur Hickman Bob hamilton Lez blizzard Albert Smith Ray Wright women Mrs Chant Stanley Jackson Alex Stock