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British Pathé
NEWSBRIEFS (Beware - other items share this title)
Item title reads - Newsbriefs.

Various locations.

St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Various shots of scale model aircraft, powered by miniature engines and elastic, enthusiasts test them before they fly at the rally. Various shots of model aircraft taking off. L/S of a model aeroplane in flight. C/U's facial studies of boys watching the planes with keen interest.

Southampton, Hampshire. Various shots of the ship "Queen Elizabeth" in the dock. She is being repainted before returning to service as a passenger liner after war service. The camera pans down to anchor chains and pans along deck. Various shots as the ship is painted. Captain Sir James Bisset watches the progress from the deck. The painting continues. M/S of the propellors. The camera pans up from the chains to the bow.
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