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YOUR WORLD IN 9 MINUTES (Beware - other items share this title)
Item title reads - Your world in 9 minutes.

Styria (Austria). Various shots of the Riesburg motorcycle race, spectators watch from the side. One of the riders crashes on a bend, rolls down the bank, and gets up. M/S of the worst crash of the race, the rider suffers from concussion as a result.

Munich, Germany. Wrestling match between Baumann and Trinkgeld. Various shots of the match, Trinkgeld tries to push Baumann over the ropes, Baumann is pushed back by spectators. Baumann succeeds in throwing Trinkgeld right out of the ring.

Devon. Various shots of the village and villagers of Cockington which is up for auction, but sold under the counter to the Prudential Assurance Company, for a quarter of a million pounds. L/S pan of the village amongst the trees. Various shots of the inhabitants walking into their dwellings which all bear the lot numbers. C/U of an old cottage. Various shots of the winding streets.

Darvell, Ayrshire. Scotland. Various interior and exterior shots as Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, is presented with the Freedom of his home borough of Darvell. Fleming receives the Freedom from Provost Patterson. Various shots of the group at the schoolhouse at Loudon Moor, where Fleming went as a boy. M/S of Fleming and his wife. C/U of him.

Ceylon. Crowds attend the 16 centuries old Perahera festival. Various shots of richly bedecked elephants wending their way through the crowded streets of Kandy Ceylon. M/S of the elephant bearing a Golden Casket which contains Buddhism's most sacred relic, the tooth of Buddha. M/S of crowds.

New York, America. Various shots of Hollywood film stars including Ray Milland and his wife, Ray signs autographs. They are on the "Queen Elizabeth" which will take them to London for a Royal Command Performance. M/S's as Reginald Gardiner talks about their trip, and Joan Bennett says she would like to explore the ship. Pat O'Brien makes speech about the ship and the performance, then introduces his wife Eloise.

Flushing (USA). L/S opening session of United Nations. M/S as American President Harry Truman makes a speech concerning unwarranted fears about another world war.

Intertitle - 'Lady "Pat" Weds. Described by the Countess of Jersey Virginia Cherrill'. Lady Patricia Mountbatten marries Captain Lord Brabourne of the Coldstream Guards at Romsey Abbey, Hampshire. Cars draw up outside Romsey Abbey. M/S of Lady Mountbatten with the bride's sister Pamela who is a bridesmaid. M/S of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, arriving with her daughter Princess Alexandra, another bridesmaid. M/S of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later Queen Mother) arriving. M/S as Prince Philip (later Duke of Edinburgh) waits on the steps with the groom. M/S as Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Margaret arrive, they are also bridesmaids. M/S as they enter the abbey and Prince Philip helps them off with their coats, the three of them chat.

M/S as Lord Louis Mountbatten arrives with the bride and they enter the abbey. Library footage shows Lord and Lady Mountbatten emerging after their wedding in 1922. The current bride and groom leave the abbey through a Guard of Honour of the Coldstream Guards. Petty Officer Holder gives her a horseshoe for luck. The crowds applaud as they walk past. M/S of the bridesmaids. Good interior shots as they pose for photographs after the wedding, the King and Queen laugh. Various shots of the couple, C/U of the bride.
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