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British Pathé
Full title reads: "The Derby".

Epsom Down, Surrey. The 1950 Derby horse race, won by 'Galcador'.

GV Race course crowds. SV Coster Princess' coat pan up to feathered hat. CU Pearly King and pearly Queen. VS crowds walking to course. SV cars on Epsom road. CU Signpost - 'Epsom' .SV Petrol coupons littering road pan to garage attendant filling car. CU Attendant. CU Gallon gauge. CU Board - 'Q' - petrol unlimited. CU Petrol poured into motorcycle. SV old car on way to Epsom. GV Ground shot car park. Pan to traffic. arriving. GV Elevated pan car park. GV car park. SV Cars in park. Pony and trap lined up with cars. GV Crowd. CU Racing tipster Prince Monolulu. CU One-man band. MV Towards King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later Queen Mother) walking to paddock. LV Royal party in paddock watching horses parade. SV Horses round paddock. CU Pan 'Prince Simon' being led around. SV Prince Aly Khan and others in paddock. Horse passing in foreground. MV Jockeys walking into paddock. SV Jockey mounting. MV Towards 'Prince Simon' being led out. CU Number board. LV parade walking up course. GV horses led up course - cantering down to start. SV bookies. SV Book maker wearing sailors cap. SV Tic-tac man. GV Royal family looking towards start. SV Horses walking around. SV Man winding down tapes. GV Horses at start. CU race fan with binoculars, wearing top hat. LV Start pan to back view horses run out of picture. MS horses approaching bushes. LV horses rounding curve of bushes led by 'Prince Simon' and 'Pewter Platter'. GV From bushes pan to horses led by 'Prince Simon' on to Tattenham Corner. Royal Family in box. LV horses approach and turn Tattenham Corner led by 'Prince Simon'. Camera picks up 'Prince Simon'. LV Elevated horses racing down straight led by 'Prince Simon' (WH Carr up) closely challenged by 'Galcador' (WH Rae Johnstone up) They start racing neck and neck 'Galcador' very slowly pulls ahead. Pan as they pass winning post. Queen Mary watching. SV Elevated 'Galcador' being brought into enclosure. Jockey Rae W Johnstone dismounts and pats horse. MV Race Horse owner Marcel Boussac talking. CU 'Prince Simon'. GV Crowded car park.
British Pathe
Black & White


Epsom Surrey Derby horses racing Pearly Kings Queens petrol rationing King George VI Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Prince Monolulu royalty Prince Simon Aly Khan Pewter Platter Galcador Rae Johnstone marcel Boussac sports