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British Pathé
REVIEWS 1957 (aka REVIEW OF THE YEAR - 1957)
Full title reads: "Reviews 1957".

GV From ship, ice flows on water. CU Bow of ship ploughing through ice. GV Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh's ship in the Antarctic ploughing through ice. SV Duke with beard, looking over side of ship. Top View Seal moving along ice. CU Duke wearing duffle coat.

SV Lion and Lioness laying under tree in South Africa. GV Ext. South African observatory. Angle shot Int. with telescope in observatory. SV Man looking through telescope. CU Moon in the sky. LV Int. Man at control panel operating huge radio telescope at Jodrell Bank. Angle shot Telescope. SV Machinery operating telescope on rails. Aerial shot Jodrell radio telescope. SV American Army doctor Major Simons with container lowered over him. GV Balloon ascending. He went 19 miles up. AS Balloon ascending. GV Ext. Moscow, Russia / Soviet Union. SV Sputnik dog - Laika - being put into container. CU Girl assistant. SV Sputnik II dog being put into container GV Ext. rocket being fired. CU Rocket ascending. CU Sputnik dog inside rocket. LV People in Moscow looking through small telescopes. GV Satellite going across sky.

GV Rockets being raised for firing position (American). GV American rockets being raised. LV English rocket being prepared for firing by British troops. CU Sergeant giving instructions. CU Rocket. GV Bloodhound rocket being fired. LV Rocket ascending boosters come away. SV Sir William Penny arriving in South Australia. SV Valiant bomber carrying H bomb. SV Men standing with backs to explosion, terrific flash comes over screen - Christmas Island atomic test bomb. GV Hydrogen bomb exploding & mushroom effect.

SV Deep freeze mother with her baby Stephen sitting beside her husband and elder child. CU Deep freeze mother holding baby. SV Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh arriving at Cheam School with Prince Charles stepping out of car & being greeted. SV Boys from Cheam school watching. CU Prince Charles standing by the Queen.

LV Sir Anthony Eden walking to his ship for health trip to New Zealand (after his resignation) (A young Edward 'Ted' Heath is behind them). SV Eden and Lady Clarissa Eden walk to gangway. GV Port Said, Egypt. SV Evacuation of British troops from Suez Canal Zone. Troops marching on to tank carrier. CU United Nations flag flying from stern of ship. GV Night, leaving Port Said. Statute of De Lesseps. GV Duchess of Kent being escorted to platform during Gold Coast / Ghana Independence Celebrations. LV Locals watching. GV Night. Cheering. LV Premiere Kwame Nkruma dancing on platform. GV Riots in Paris, France over Algeria - cars burning. CU Car burning. Petrol burning in road. SV Police rioting with civilians. LV Late Aga Khan being weighed in diamonds. SV Son Aly talking to Indian. GV Mosque. GV Muslims at prayer. SV New Aga Khan - Karim, son of Aly Khan. GV Russian troops crossing Red Square, Moscow. SV Russian leaders 1. to r. Zhukov, Bulganin, Khruschev, Malenkov, Molotov and two others. SV Russian troops parading. SV Zhukov on Yugoslavian aerodrome.

SV Queen presenting Althea Gibson with trophy at Wimbledon Tennis tournament. SV Spectators applauding. SV Althea Gibson being kissed by Darlene Hard. SV Danish girl Greta Anderson treading wearily out of water and almost falls over after swimming English Channel. CU She tries to climb out on her hands and knees. SV Half collapsing she is held up by a man. GV Derek Ibbotson taking the lead in his record-breaking mile. GV Crowd applauding. CU Ibbotson.

SV Stanley Matthews surrounded by people being crowned King of Soccer in Africa. CU Stanley looking worried. CU Pan CBE smiling Stanley at Buckingham Palace after receiving award. GV Crowds surging forward on golf course at Lindrick watching Ryder Cup. SV Dai Rees making winning putt the strikes ball in hole and shakes hands with American. GV Start of Motor racing Grand Prix at Monza, Italy. LV Cars come round bend. GV Cars come down straight. LV Car No 20 being pursued by Stirling Moss No 18. SV Crowd looking on. LV No. 18 car coming in, Moss wins, crowds round car. CU Moss & Katie Molson, he has laurel wreath round neck and she holds helmet. SV Moss & Katie after wedding, he kisses her.

GV Fire raging in shop in London's Oxford Street, upper floors alight. SV Injured woman being carried towards ambulance. GV Fire leaping out of first floor window. GV Bus crashed against wall of bank. SV Firemen jacking back of bus up to release trapped people. SV Body on stretcher being taken away. SV Bus on pavement. GV Int. Mass congregation for enthronement of Dr William Godfrey as Archbishop of Westminster. GV Sailing ship Pamir putting to sea. VS Boys working on deck. GV Sun going behind cloud. VS of ship in heavy storm. GV Collapsed house, large hole in road. SV Badly damaged house.

GV New York GV Boat carrying Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh coming across to United States of America (USA). GV Queen on deck surrounded by officials, ship 'Mayflower II' in dock. CU Person in Pilgrim costume standing on board. CU Queen smiling, man points. SV Sign 'Welcome to the City of New York'. GV Procession down Broadway. AS Ticker tape being thrown out of window. GV Queen's car going along. AS Tape thrown out of windows with Union Jacks & Stars & stripes being flown from balcony. SV Queen on top of Empire State Building. AV New York.

GV White House, Washington DC, United States of America (USA). CU President Dwight D Eisenhower sitting at desk.

GV Prime Minister Harold Macmillan & Prime Minister Felix Gaillard in France.

GV Oil field. SV King of Morocco walking with Mr Bourguiba.

GV Street riots in France, police waving batons. GV Paris - River Seine & Eiffel tower.

GV Queen Elizabeth II's boat pulls away from bank of River Seine SV. President Rene Coty & Queen with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh sitting on board. GV Dancing by side of river. GV People in period costumes & bonfires alight. GV Mass of fireworks going up. SV Queen, Coty & Duke smiling & chatting.

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