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British Pathé
Full title reads: "Middle East. Breathing Space".


GV Parachute Regiment soldiers marching, in Amman. GV Paratroops' Camp. LV Line of paratroops marching across airfield. LV Paratroops in bren gun pit. CU Soldier checking gun. GV Hunter jet fighters lined up on the airfield. LV Hunter being serviced. LV Group of Hunter pilots seated and on the alert. CU One of the pilots talking to Jordan soldier. LV Soldiers watching cobbler at work. SV Soldiers having their hair cut. SV Soldiers standing around man who has a suitcase full of things to sell. SV Suitcase. CU British Ambassador talking to Brigadier Tom Pearson. LV Soldiers seated at table. SV Soldiers eating meal in the shade.

GV Amman. LV King Hussein's Palace. LV Int. Arab chiefs awaiting arrival of King. CU King Hussein walking in and saluting Arabs as they greet him. SV Arabs seated. SV King Hussein seated at head of table.

GV Street in Amman. CU British soldiers walking down the street. SV Soldiers looking in a shoe shop. GV Armed British soldiers walking down street. SV Soldiers at fruit stall. CU Stall keeper laughing. CU Soldiers laughing. GV Paratroops swimming in pool. SV Two of the men are pushed into the water with uniforms on and one still has his beret on. GV Soldier walking alongside pool in soaking wet uniform. SV Paratrooper is pushed into pool with uniform on and beret, he surfaces and another man in the water takes his beret and throws to the other end of pool.

British Pathe
Black & White


Jordan Parachute Regiment soldiers Amman Paratroopers hair Brigadier Tom Pearson Ambassadors Hunter aeroplanes King Hussein palaces Arabs street scenes swimming sports