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British Pathé
Kenya, Africa.

Various shots of some women from the Kikuyu tribe at work, grinding corn in a stone bowl with large wooden sticks. One of the women has a baby strapped to her back; other women are seen walking about the village and preparing food near a fire.

Some women sit on a low bench while one of them has her head shaved with a razor blade by another female; commentator says "The smart hair do for a girl in these parts is the Yul Brynner". These women wear hundreds of hoop earrings through their stretched earlobes; one of them checks her appearance in a small mirror.

Various shots of coffee beans being harvested; the women pick them from bushes then carry boxes of beans on their heads to be loaded on a truck. The beans are dried in the sun; a European man is seen giving advice to an African man, then tasting a bean.

Several shots of Kikuyu tribesmen herding cattle (goats and cows); one of the men walks along with an umbrella to shield him from the sun. The cows are moved along a narrow pen to be dipped as a European man makes notes. Nice M/S of a group of cows with huge horns in a field.

Various shots of young African boys and girls playing in a river while the older tribesmen and women watch. All wear several necklaces round their necks and the women have many hoops in their ears; one woman seems to have a curved ivory tusk through her chin.

The rather patronising commentary tells of Europeans helping the Africans to stand on their own feet.

Cuts exist - see separate record.
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