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British Pathé
M/S Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones at the Royal Lodge, Windsor after they had announced their engagement. C/U of the happy couple as they sit and chat and she fiddles with her engagement ring.

Title reads - The Royal Wedding.

L/S Westminster Abbey. L/S crowds outside the Abbey and in the stands. L/S as cars drive through. M/S of the couple's initials intertwined on a flag. Various shots of people asleep after having camped in the Mall. C/U man making faces. M/S ladies toilets showing long queue outside. M/S man frying eggs over stove. M/S as a group of women play cards on their sleeping bag. L/S Westminster Abbey, L/S interior of guests. M/S Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. M/S Australian Premier Robert Menzies, Dr. Nkrumah of Ghana and Mr Diefenbaker of Canada in the Abbey. Top shot of the guests sat in the Abbey. M/S's Princess Margaret's glass coach coming from Clarence House, M/S as she waves. She is with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who is giving her away. L/S crowds looking around. L/S coaches passing.

L/S groom Anthony Armstrong-Jones and his best man, Dr. Roger Gilliatt, walking towards the front of the Abbey. M/S of Anthony's mother the Countess of Rosse. C/U Anthony and Roger waiting at the front. M/S Anthony's father second from right sat with other men. M/S as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, walk in a line up to their seats followed by Prince Henry and Princess Alice, Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, and Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. Various shots of guests, they take their places. M/S Queen and Queen Mother waiting.

M/S Princess Margaret's coach arriving, L/S crowds cheering. M/S as the door is opened, M/S as Princess Margaret gets out in her white silk organza wedding dress. M/S royal party waiting inside. C/U Anthony looking pensive. M/S band playing. Various shots as she walks up the aisle followed by her bridesmaids. M/S of Anthony's father, M/S as she walks up and choirboys bow their heads as she passes. M/S guests. M/S as she arrives at the altar and Anthony joins her, M/S Archbishop of Canterbury, M/S as they approach the faldstools. We hear the Archbishop reading the vows. M/S Harold Macmillan. L/S guests watching. M/S Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, listening. M/S as Princess Margaret says "I Will". M/S as they join hands. M/S of Anthony's father listening M/S as he reads service and Anthony puts the ring on her finger. M/S bridesmaids. M/S Princess Alexandra. M/S's as they go in to sign the register. L/S guests, the band strike up again as they emerge. M/S of them walking down the aisle, she curtsies to her mother and sister. M/S of the guests. L/S top shot as they walk down the aisle and the bridesmaids follow.

M/S as they emerge out into the daylight and walk to their coach. M/S bridesmaids, M/S of them inside carriage she waves at the bridesmaids and the coach sets off. L/S as they drive along. L/S scene with Big Ben in background. Various shots as coach makes its way from Abbey past crowds who strain to get a look, they make their way to Buckingham palace. L/S as they come up the Mall. M/S as they wave from the coach. M/S's as people wave at her. M/S as they enter Buckingham palace and are shown way up steps. M/S bridesmaids. M/S Queen, Queen Mother and Duke of Edinburgh smiling.

L/S crowds outside, M/S as the couple emerge onto the balcony, L/S as crowds are held back by police. M/S royal family on balcony. L/S of huge crowds below. Various shots as the royal family smile and wave from the balcony. M/S royal yacht 'Britannia' at Tower Bridge. M/S royal car leaving. M/S as the Queen, Queen Mother, and Princess Anne, who was a bridesmaid, wave after the car.

L/S as the couple make their way down the quay to the barge which will take them to the yacht. M/S as they shake hands with two men and get on the barge. M/S as it sails away. L/S crowds around it. M/S as they get onboard. C/U smoke blowing from funnel. L/S crew and couple on board, they wave. Good M/S of the yacht sailing under Tower Bridge.
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