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British Pathé
Item title reads - Sales: may the best girl win.


M/S's people queuing up outside a large London department store. C/U woman jumping around to keep warm. Various shots of a man sitting outside a store eating the remains of the turkey and swigging from a bottle of wine. M/S 'Sale' sign being put up in a window, various shots showing similar signs in other countries including 'Verkoop' and 'Vendita' M/S of a man getting into a taxi with a sale sign on the meter reading '4 pence per mile'.

M/S as the commissionaire opens the doors to the store and the people start to rush in. Various shots of the interior as people rush into the shop past the camera. Exterior shots show the crowds still piling into the store. M/S people crowded round the china counter. C/U women trying to buy plates, M/S of a man trying to buy crockery. C/U people's hands sorting through the crockery. C/U woman putting plates into a wire basket. M/S exterior showing shop dummies in the store window. C/U as two women spot something they want and rush into the store. M/S pan the crowded store. C/U man in bowler hat trying on dressing gown. Various shots of tills ringing frantically. M/S's as one begins to smoke, a man pours water in it. M/S people sorting through pile of clothes. M/S girl assistant wiping her forehead with a handkerchief. C/U people grabbing clothes. C/U man looking bored. C/U's of women examining bras in the underwear department. M/S two women fighting over a blanket. M/S naked shop dummies in window, M/S as a man carries one out of the store and down the street.
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London sales queues shopping shops taxis commissionairs chinaware underwear