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British Pathé
Reel 2. RASC (Royal Army Service Corps) Land Rover and other military vehicles drive in convoy. Mobile bakery - everything carried in these vehicles to make bread. Dozen or so men soldiers put up a large tent - various shots of the poles being put into place and guy ropes being attached. Dozen soldiers push a van into place. C/U of bread dough being mixed in a large container. High angle shot of three men in chef's whites working at the dough mixing machine. C/U of man forcing dough into machine which separates it into small balls. These then travel down a chute to a lower part of the bakery where three men knead the dough. C/U of a man's hands as the dough is kneaded. Camera tilts up to show his face. M/S of cooked loaves being removed from an oven. These are then tipped out on to a carrying bench. Two men then carry the loaves outside. They are stopped by an officer to takes two loaves off the bench. C/U - he gives one to a colleague who smells it, he tears off a piece to taste it. He nods his head in approval.

01:19:35 He sends the bakers off with a wave of his arm. C/U of a clerk at his desk looking at some paperwork. Another clerk (male) types - we see over his shoulder as he types and returns the carriage. C/U of man's hands as he puts some paperwork in a filing cupboard. L/S of firemen in training. C/U of men holding fire hoses. Training in the open air. Soldiers sit at desks and man stands at the front by a blackboard. "Training begins on three ton lorries." We see the young recruits crowded around a stripped engine. C/U of three young cadets concentrating hard. Camera pans up to show two other young men looking very attentive. C/U of the man giving instruction - quite young himself. Lorry reverses. C/U of young man driving as he leans out of the open door to judge his reversal trajectory. Camera pans down to the front wheel of the truck. Distance between the wheel and a kerb is measured with a rule. L/Ss of lorry being driven through a course. Many soldiers stand by and watch. Night shots of convoy of trucks transporting ammunition. M/S of lorry driving checking in on arrival. Man in the midst of camouflage nets signs papers and points the driver in the right direction. Dark night shots of the lorry being driven through woodland. The Section Commander tells him where he can park. Another lorry is taken for a minor repair.

01:22:00 The Light Aid Detachment is run by Remy. The driver talks to a mechanic who lies down on the ground under the lorry. C/U of an egg being broken into a frying pan where four others are frying. M/S of soldiers walking past being served food in their billy cans. Divisional column headquarters. Men are seen doing clerical work in L/S. Low angle of the Commanding Officer briefing his Company Commanders - he hands out sheets of paper. The drivers are handed paperwork. Motorcycle rider sets off in foreground. Dark shots of the lorries moving out. Tank is driven on to a transporter. Low angle shots of man giving directions to the tank driver, beckoning him forward. Driver climbs into the cab of the lorry. C/U of transporter's wheels as the lorry is driven off. C/U of the driver in the cab. Large transporter being driven around a corner in a small village - skill of the driver is highlighted. Shot from the back of a boat - RASC (Royal Army Service Corps) fleet ensign is flying. Another boat follows behind.

01:24:30 Four boats of the Water Transport Company are seen in M/S. Man stands on quayside signalling with flags - we see him from behind looking out to sea. Naval Officer looks through a sextant. He passes the device to a member of the RASC who looks through it. C/U of RASC officer giving directions for the launch of an DUKW. The amphibious vehicle is seen moving down the ramp of a ferry and into the sea. L/S of the vehicle splashing into the sea behind the ferry. M/S of the DUKW passing the camera and of the tracked vehicle coming out of the sea and on to the beach. Flap flips down and Land Rover is driven off across the beach. Chauffeur driven car - Bentley? Chauffeur in military uniform walks to the front of the car and places a flag on the front of the car. Helicopter lands in M/S. C/U of helicopter pilot. M/S of men loading boxes into the helicopter. Sign for a 9,000 gallon collapsible fabric tank - an invention of the RASC and the Ministry of Supply. A group of Officers look at the tank. Petrol cans are filled from a revolving dispenser in the open air. Several soldiers work on a mini production line feeding the cans on to the machine. C/U of one of the men putting lids on the cans and moving them from the machine.

01:26:40 Aircraft flies past and drops some packages - an experiment to test durability of particular packaging - Derby Sacks. Five men gather around one of the packages and open it. C/U of a young soldier tying up a package. Two men in the Air Despatch Company work together to pack a tricky load - a basket with straw inside is used. Weapons (?) are carefully packed. L/S of a jeep being loaded into an aeroplane. M/S of the jeep disappearing into the plane. Interior of the plane - two men attach special release catches. C/U of the catch. M/S of the jeep being secured. Vehicle is prepared for a later drop by parachute on specially designed support platform. C/Us of ropes being secured. Voiceover states: "The Corps will be needed whatever the future may hold"- this statement followed by shots of atomic explosions and mushroom clouds. Majestic images of soldiers inside aircraft waiting to jump. Montage of images of men and parcels being dropped from aircraft with parachutes. Shots from inside the aircraft as men jump and from the ground as they drift down. Good shots of parachute jumps and drops. Soldiers crouch in bushes then run forward as aircraft flies overhead.

01:28:36 Packages dropped on parachutes. Jeep is driven off ramp. Soldier pulls 'chute towards camera. Field with soldiers and packages. Much frenzied activity as dropped goods are unpacked. Climb into jeeps and drive away from the field. Jeep gets stuck in a ditch. Men jump out and push the jeep backwards. Arty shot of the driver reflected in the wing mirror. C/U of hands pushing the vehicle. Two men place petrol cans in the ditch and this enables several jeeps to be driven across the ditch and off into the distance. Last part of the voiceover states: "Often you may work alone, but you need never feel alone because the RASC already has a great tradition and you are now a part of that tradition too."
Associated British Pathe Photographed by Reg W. Cavender. Film Editor - Ken Collins. Sound - George Newberry and Nolan Roberts. Music composed by Tom Henderson. Production Manager - Terry Hunter. Associate Producer - Lionel Hoare. Produced by Terry Ashwood. Written and Directed by Peter Bradford.
Army Kinema Corporation Production Director - T.L. Rich. Production Supervisor - F.C. Battey. B.1112 C.112. Note: reel 2 was reel 3.
British Pathe
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